Lexus has created a real, rideable hoverboard

Lexus has created a real, rideable hoverboard

When technology, design and imagination come together, amazing things can be achieved.

SLIDE is the fourth project in the ‘Amazing in Motion’ series and this time, we’ve challenged ourselves more than ever, in order to create something unique.

The Lexus hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you regular updates on the progress of this extraordinary project. Follow the conversation using #LexusHover

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19 Responses

  1. Cesar Villanueva says:

    Sweet Lexus hoverboard!

  2. 023CFP says:

    Lol, it collapsed under the guy’s wieght thats why the video cut away.

  3. Willie D. (RGDDesigns) says:

    Take mah money! 

  4. cantstopmistadomino says:


  5. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Whoa #lexushover This is AMAZING and looks beautiful! Amazing inspiring
    work. And A few months before Marty is set to arrive too! 

  6. Marius Renn says:

    Looks like 2015 might be the year of the hoverboard after all. Wonder if
    this one is quieter than the Hendo version. #LexusHover

  7. hermes samael perez cobos says:

    Don’t play with my feelings :'(

  8. Poopsy Perez says:

    dat ass

  9. TheFancyJoker RBLX says:

    Holy shit guys, did you see that!!! He put his foot on the hover-board!!!
    Oh my god! Best invention in 2015! A hover-board in which you can tie
    your shoe lases! 10/10!!!

  10. MrRandom125 says:

    Lexus Hover
    Lexush Over
    Lexu Shover

  11. Moz says:

    Do most people still not realize the inherent flaw in frictionless
    movement? Imagine riding a skateboard across an ice rink, now imagine that
    tiny little bit of traction you are getting, doesn’t exist. The slightest
    shift in weight would cause the board to fly out from under your feet as it
    is not held in place with friction like a normal board. Take a look at the
    video Tony Hawk did with that very primitive design a few years ago. The
    guy is a skateboarding god, and he could barely stand on it. Frictionless
    motion is a LOT more difficult to control, especially in the sense of how a
    skateboard works, than people realize. If they ever do make a legit BTTF
    style board, it will be banned in a lot of places due to the frequency of
    injuries caused by them.

    • TheWhiteOwl23 says:

      +Moz You are right kind of, but the nature of HOW it hovers actually locks
      it in place, so rather than sliding around it has to go in a straight line.
      I think anyway… So it will be impossible to turn haha.

  12. Kazuya Kobayashi says:

    *Lexus* has created a real, rideable hoverboard

  13. Jm1231312 says:

    I think they are hinting to maglev cars guys. Seems like
    people aren’t getting the point.

  14. Thomas M says:

    It ain’t built yet. Just a promo video. 

  15. A. Eqabi says:

    Take my money

  16. Alex R says:

    They’re just messing with us!

  17. Prateek Arora says:

    Song name? Anyone?

  18. Soshified says:

    I will finally believe that it’s 2015 if this turns out to be true.