LG G6 Hands On: This Is More Like It

LG G6 Hands On: This Is More Like It

LG is fixing to make a comeback with its newest flagship, the LG G6 – but does the G6 bring enough heat to counter the cold reception the G5 got? In brief: yeah! Join Michael Fisher for the LG G6 hands-on from MWC 2017, and see what dual cameras on a glass-and-metal body can do!




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See the full Android Central LG G6 review here:


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20 Responses

  1. 99jiivee says:

    But does it fly like a G6…?

  2. Anonymus says:

    Any news about Nokia 3310?

  3. Hendrick Molina says:

    Stopped doing my project just for this video… it was WORTH IT.

  4. Jacobs IOS Jailbreak Help says:

    I don’t like the shiny back. fingerprint magnet lol

  5. Vincent Hu says:

    QUAD DAC not for US etc? ok i’ve seen enough then… next!

  6. Liel Bouskila says:

    This is how I would call it:
    LG G6: When LG Got Samsunged

  7. Giacomo Sankovic says:

    I quite literally skipped over all other channels to find Mr. Mobile’s video, clicked ‘Like’ and begun to watch…

  8. crumcon says:

    out of all G6 hands on videos.. your version always give me a goosebumps.

    Michael is the best in the business

  9. Ehrgeiz says:

    Oh ffs so here in the UK we’ll get the DAC included but no Qi charging? Just when I think LG have totally won me over…

  10. AGNIDEV D G P says:

    not excited at all
    1. battery life with 3300 mah battery would be bad( bcaus lg v20 suffers guess software would be similar, hence the conclusion)
    2. no removable battery
    3. lcd panel (instead of amoled)
    4. bloat software
    enought reasons to look somewhere else

  11. Forflies says:

    “That’s four acronyms in 5 seconds, so let’s just get the spec sheet over with now.”
    This is why I love watching your videos lol

  12. Abdul Basit Shaikh says:

    LG makes excellent phones. Been using 2014’s LG G3 for almost two years now. Works like a charm even today.

  13. PhilWinchester says:

    no 2,5 d glass. this is heaven for screen protectors <3 love it

  14. Bro Swirski says:

    Region specific quad DAC? It seems to me that LG doesn’t really want to sell any of their phones? I’ll go wait for the V30, then…

  15. Adrian Cotton says:

    Without SD 835 the G6 better be at least $200 cheaper than iPhone 8 and GS8.

  16. Faterfoid 69 says:

    yeahhh, I don’t think lg should continue competing with samsung and Apple on the high end smartphone range. The G6 is going to tank, I can already feel it.

  17. Nookiezilla says:

    Great device, but 3300mAh battery on 5.7″ display? oh no.

  18. The TechieGames says:

    Wait I didn’t know they weren’t gonna use the 830 or 835. Kinda disappointing… spec wise anyway.

  19. TechPassion says:

    Haven’t finished watching the video yet, but  the way the phone’s back shines is gorgeous o_o

  20. Top 5 says:

    Did u really say it’s got everything which u expect from a 2017 flagship?!
    NO SIR! The s8 with snap 835 and a 3500mah battery is coming and thats the specs for 2017!

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