LG G8 Impressions: Can’t Touch This!

LG G8 Impressions: Can’t Touch This!

LG G8 hands-on. And also hands-off. Because you can wave at it ?

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67 Responses

  1. jokone1 says:


  2. mohyi M says:

    Yay notch
    *Leaves video immediately*

  3. Ahmed El Khadem says:

    Gimmicky yet very innovative. Good job LG ?

  4. P010 says:

    Why’s everybody complaining about how it’s the same as the g7. The s9 was basically the same as the s8 with some tweaks. Nobody complained about that ?‍♂️

  5. Lord Ba'al says:

    The iPhone design hasn’t changed in years. I don’t hear you complain about that.

    • PVDSWE says:

      Every iPhone BEFORE X looked the same, Y’all morons…

      It took them a decade to change the design, that’s the point. And the new design sucks, but that’s beside the point..

    • Direct Hacker says:

      PVDSWE every iPhone? So the 5, 5c, 4, 3g, and original are all the same design?

    • PVDSWE says:

      +Direct Hacker Pretty much… 5 is a longer 4 and 5C is a plastic 5…

    • Direct Hacker says:

      PVDSWE I could just as easily say that no Samsung or pixel has ever changed “the s4 is the same as an s5 they just replaced the plastic back with a glass one. It’s never really changed from there”

      But there really isn’t much point in me wasting my time here, you are going to believe what you want.

    • PVDSWE says:

      +Direct Hacker Yes, take the L yourself.

      Fucking retarded iSheeps…

  6. Borninvincibl3 FPV says:

    I enjoy the fingerprint sensor in the back middle of the phone, I’m gonna be pissed when they stop putting it there, looking at you Google.

    • The Nuclear Sausage says:

      +ImpurestFire And a shitty little cutout leaving the display exposed for the fingerprint sensor, yes.

    • Franke Hernandez says:

      +The Nuclear Sausage that’s a terrible placement for a fingerprint sensor even marques brownlee brought that up.

      Why would a screen protector interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. That makes no sense, that’s like saying touch screen on any smartphone won’t work because of a screen protector.

    • Franke Hernandez says:

      @Born invincible 3 FPV
      Agreed. The fingerprint sensor on the back is the ideal practical location placement.

    • The Nuclear Sausage says:

      +Franke Hernandez Why? Ask samsung why, they put a cutout on THEIR OWN screen protector, shipped with the S10.

      It’s a sonic based fingerprint sensor, so it bounces sound off the glass, through your fingers and back to the sensors and listens for the audio characteristics of your finger. An additional glue and glass layer inbetween prevents that from happening accurately. The 6t fingerprint reader doesn’t suffer from this because it isn’t a sonic sensor, it just uses a camera under the screen.

    • Ofek Harary says:

      I love it on the back of the phone because swipe down gestures are life

  7. 난감 says:

    The LG G8: The phone makes you become a Jedi.

  8. Ido Gindes says:

    A meeting at LG’s mobile department:

    Manager: Our phones are too plain, we need something new this year.
    Employee 1: How about an improved design with great screen-to-body ratio and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner?
    Employee 2: Maybe we’ll add 5 cameras on the back and 2 on the front?
    Employee 3: I think we should improve our software experience and ecosystem.
    Manager: No no no, you’re all wrong. What people really want is to unlock their phone with their veins!


    • Urboyb says:

      Ido Gindes pretty much, they ignoring what people want and try adding features that nobody else has before adding the stuff the people want first

    • Nasser Al-Sharif says:


    • Sam Smith says:

      the phone market is no longer a potential for these companies and they are not expecting a profit. phones are used to introduce these new “gimmicks” to their audience. and to gather data from feedbacks. these are used in their bigger projects and in collab products with other companies like tesla and samsung that hold a name people care about.

    • Andrew Osei says:

      ? used to love LG (G3 was phenomenal) but I’m giving up on them now ??

  9. Mi Sa says:

    Next tech: Butt ID. Opens based on specific butt. Ultra secure.

  10. Ianmundo says:

    Notch, bezels, fingerprint sensor on back….. sounds more like a G7s, more of the same but slightly updated

  11. PugLordTR says:

    Why does this remind me of the BMW’s gesture feature

  12. REMY -PUBG MOBILE says:

    The hand gestures are incredible but needs to be improved!!

    • Ben Valenzuela says:

      REMY -PUBG MOBILE definitely, a snap of the finger and it pulls up previous apps, then scroll just by swiping the fingers up or down.

      It’s just the software that has to be improved and be quicker to recognize the gestures.

    • phantomtq says:

      its just the start i think they will improve i believe

  13. ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀʀʏꜰᴀɴʙoʏ says:

    LQ getting cucked by Marques holding the S10 in the video lmao

  14. Lennart Schulz says:

    LG is always one year too late with their Tech!

  15. Bran says:

    The whole hand scanning & gestures seems like such a gimmick. Yes it’s cool tech but it’s much slower than facial recognition, and also you most likely have your face in direct line sights instead of having to wave your hand in front.

  16. Dan Wintle says:

    People might overlook this for the S10, but it’s awesome that LG are innovating with new, cool technology

  17. suryansh srivastava says:

    Came here from Verge’s video and it’s amazing review the Verge’s guy seems biased against this device from the start to the end.

  18. gLeeksFF says:

    That air wave tech should’ve been saved for their TVs instead

  19. Yujiza says:

    I feel bad. LG has completely (in my opinion) lost their identity in the phone market. Spending tons of money for tech that doesn’t work or matter except the DAC of course. I can’t think of a practical use of the palm-motion thing. I mean, did they forget if someone’s hands are busy and cooking food, how do you set a timer? Watch this: “Hey Google, set timer for 20 minutes”. Done. No awkward hold hand up to phone and angle it just right.

    I feel like LG is heading back to the Galaxy s4 days of gimmicky screen hovering hand motions that are chore to use anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to seem like an LG hater. As someone who loves audio, the DAC in this phone (when it works/enabled) is amazing, hands down. Practical use case like the palm thing? Subjective. LG needs to age with the consumer in the right way.

  20. Supreme Bubbo says:

    LG *G8* is about to receive some *H8*
    ok bye

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