LG Rolly Keyboard : Official Product Video

LG Rolly Keyboard : Official Product Video

“Unroll the Comfort of Full-Size Typing”

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20 Responses

  1. Con Sorts says:

    there are plenty of full size key flat folding keyboards and silicon
    roll-up keyboards already on the market in the $30 range. all they did here
    was combine a silicon mat with hard chicklet keys, hard stick shell and a
    usb rechargeable battery. this really needs to be priced aggressively not
    to be a total failure beyond the bottomless wallet fashionista impulse
    buyers. I own a not foldable Aukey KM-B6 bluetooth keyboard which includes
    a 2-button mouse-pad with replaceable AA batteries I got from china for $30
    , so LG accountants better sharpen their pencils on this stick if they
    expect it to sell.

  2. routergods says:

    God damnit! Take my money now!

  3. Lisa Kim says:

    I want one!!!!

  4. Roynaldo Janwar says:

    WTF.. That design xDxDxD good job LG

  5. Sotiris Maragos says:

    that’s a realy good idea!

  6. Ibodnano says:

    Too long

  7. Süleyman Kızıltepe says:

    Çok iyi lan

  8. Dawid Pe says:

    Pomysł super. Ciekawy jestem ceny…

  9. EunSu Kim says:

    LG 대박 잘 만들었네요. 키감이 어떤지 궁금

  10. Dario Bastianiello says:

    These ads are killing me, always the same type of cheesy music. Microsofts
    ads are even worse, dripping with cheese. Great idea though :)

  11. Ryan Mitchell says:

    Haven’t seen a dual pairing keyboard yet, good work.A toggle switch would
    be nice, it can get messy otherwise.Still, this is nice. Saves me carrying
    around a full size keyboard the days I need one.

  12. kenneth chung says:

    take my money now

  13. Keng Yuan Chang says:

    But then I need to take the keyboard out then roll the keyboard out and
    then set the stand up and then put the tablet on. AND reverse the process
    AGAIN when done with.

  14. Mohmd Sa'dawi says:

    lovely :)

  15. Ziotto® says:

    Not to cool … This only for tablets … I was thinking in qwerty. or
    controller for lg smarts

  16. JD ALI says:

    I love it

  17. Hong June Yang says:

    잘 만들었네요~ 키 감도 소리로 듣기엔 좋은듯

  18. Hong June Yang says:

    구입 할수 있는 경로를 설명에 링크 해 놓는 다면 더 많은 사람이 구입 할수 있을텐데 아쉽네요

  19. Paul Lasko says:

    I’ll take one if my Nexus 9 fits in it.

  20. 음얼 says:

    음… 글쎄… 디자인은 좋긴한데 가지고다닐일잇을까? 대부분 스마트폰 아님 노트북들고다니는데…