Liam Cunningham: George R.R. Martin Told Me A Game Of Thrones Secret – CONAN on TBS

Liam Cunningham: George R.R. Martin Told Me A Game Of Thrones Secret – CONAN on TBS

Liam would tell you who will sit on the Iron Throne, but then HBO would have him killed. But he can give Conan the first look at a new clip from season six of Game of Thrones.

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20 Responses

  1. Liam O'Quin says:

    Jon Snow’s ghost is in Ghost, that’s why Martin named him Ghost, it’s

  2. Mark Hanson says:

    I hope Ghost has a nice meal of Ollie kibble.

  3. Gabriela Fab says:

    I need Ghost to eat that bastard Thorne!!!

  4. BarneyBhoy88 says:

    I really hope while this fight takes place Melisandre is able to resurrect
    Jon and he kills Alliser Thorne at the end, but Davos doing it will be just
    as good.

  5. José Neto says:


  6. Darkington ಠ_ಠ says:

    Had to watch it 3 times to get what was happening.

    Now to watch it 400 more times…

  7. Lewis Eckert says:

    Lets hope Olly dies first

  8. Alex Shoe says:

    Its been awhile since I’ve read the books, but I didn’t think Ghost made
    any noise whatsoever?

  9. something to say!!! says:

    kill that little bitch olly

  10. Befikir Ephrem says:

    Jesus is coming soon! Give your life to him before its too late! The Lord
    has shown me the judgement upon some parts of the Earth. North Korea will
    annilhiate this country and war and famine like never before will come to
    this Earth. For anyone interested, leave a reply. May God Bless you all!
    Shabbot Shalom!

  11. halabala manakana says:

    i want the wolf to eat the boys head off. i hate that kid so much.

  12. kilen9me5skilen says:

    daaaaaaaammnn can’t wait

  13. Karthik Acharya says:

    Thats Jon Snow in Ghosts body. Ohhhh yea :D

  14. The Tyranical Player says:

    Valar Morghulis.

  15. Hax9 says:

    And then the guy with the axe pops his head through the gap and yells

  16. Adam Farnsworth says:

    Was that Ghost, or Jon Snow?

  17. Bendegúz Nagy (Bendi) says:

    fú remélem az a Olly gyereket fogják kinyírni először

  18. Gorz627 says:

    Wow that was amazing! what what what SO much HYPE!!!

  19. Lupita Ortiz says:

    I’m confused… if Jon snow is already dead, gone and it won’t be
    resurrected, why are they trying to keep his body safe???

  20. Kushal Madane says:

    I fcking cant wait anymore!!