Liam Payne Gets Cocky Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Liam Payne Gets Cocky Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

One Direction member Liam Payne bravely wore a “cream-colored” sweatshirt to the Hot Ones challenge, tempting fate and the dry cleaner over a paddle of scorching poultry. But where does bravery end and bravado begin? Find out as the pop superstar—whose debut solo single, “Strip That Down,” is out now—takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings, battling through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and opening up about everything from dealing with parenting haters, to the 1D bandmate who cries the most.

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20 Responses

  1. Joe Stone says:

    Is it me… or is Liam a bit of a knob?

  2. DaKermitFrog says:

    Get JAKE PAUL so we can watch him suffer.

  3. Mack Gagnier says:

    I just realized Liam talks like he’s saying something funny but he’s not saying anything funny

  4. Antonio Hernandez says:

    say what you want but that guy ate the last dab twice AND did it all without a drink.

  5. jonni k. says:

    i dont think ive ever been more attracted to someone chowing down on wings before. lol

  6. maya says:

    he is quite chatty, but i like him. handled the wings much better than i thought!!

  7. Joe Joseph says:

    8:01 – 8:15

    Liam: Aaaa-eh je we uh im not gonnu wont go into ah wont digest detay wasnt him who fru us out personally…

    Once again its always the personnel, personnel becuv like non uh uve attie quite gracious host I would say

    Speech.exe has stopped working

  8. Nye Armstrong's Vlogs says:

    Wow that was actually impressive. He is such a cool customer. Double dab and no water or milk. It didn’t even look like he melted at all.

  9. Lito Gamer says:

    I don’t even like one direction but I found him fucking awesome

  10. Thy Do says:

    “it smells beautiful tho” who in the world says something smells beautiful. this is why i love liam

  11. Dan A. says:

    Haha Liam seems like a great guy to hang out with

  12. Buttery Cacti says:

    no water no milk

  13. PropaneWP says:

    Boybands isn’t my thing, but this guy seemed all right.

  14. Nothing Notable says:

    I never cared for one direction but after this and seeing Harry Styles do press for Dunkirk I’m starting to like the members of the band… Still don’t like the music too much though

  15. Alantxrres says:

    *How could someone still look so good while eating spicy wings*

  16. Rohit Joshi says:

    Strongest performance I’ve seen yet, and he kept talking like he didn’t care.

  17. geekphreak says:

    This kid has no soul. Not a tear, not a red face or swollen lips. Literally not breaking a sweat. This has been the best performace ever on this show. Unreal.

  18. Jacqueline Denisse says:

    His accent gets heavier and he gets harder to understand the further he gets into the spicy wings lol

  19. Eduardo Rios says:

    Hey people, it’s not a crime to like him. The boys are actually nice people.

  20. Raye Navar says:

    Get LIL DICKY on this show. You have to give the internet what it wants!

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