LiAngelo Ball Hornets NBA DEBUT 🔥 16 PTS Full Highlights vs Trail Blazers | 2021 Summer League

LiAngelo Ball Hornets NBA DEBUT 🔥 16 PTS Full Highlights vs Trail Blazers | 2021 Summer League

Portland Trail Blazers vs Charlotte Hornets – Full Game Highlights | August 8, 2021 NBA Summer League


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48 Responses

  1. Kobe Wan Kenobi says:

    *I do hope bruh makes the final cut. He hasn’t given up yet and I highly respect that from the young fella*

    • Desmond Perry says:

      @Seti Ra maybe for another team cuz the hornets pretty much have the final roster unless they veron Cary or Richards

    • cj okoronta says:

      He really could’ve, he has everything you could possibly want referring to the lifestyle that you live as a pro. You can tell he loves the game.

    • Earlis Marks says:

      @cj okoronta Agreed…his love of the game is front and center..same thing with his siblings…his hard work and prep jump out at you.

    • Rashaud Robinson says:

      Bro after this game he already made it 💯

  2. Nonstop Sports says:

    Sign the man!

  3. Ross JN says:

    Yo, he needs to be signed already. He’s an NBA player for sure. His shooting, toughness, and court awareness is what any team should covet.

  4. RJM says:

    As long as he’s dropping these numbers, he’ll make the cut for sure. A new ball brother will be good for the box office

  5. TONEakaSHOW says:

    He deserves a chance, I’m rooting for him and the whole Ball family

    • TONEakaSHOW says:

      @Victor Ma
      I can root for whomever I choose!
      Being financially rich doesn’t mean they will be successful in NBA! Not everything is about money smh

    • j jones says:

      Do you root for tom brady?

    • TONEakaSHOW says:

      @j jones
      Nope never was a fan of Brady. I was a Peyton fan.

    • TONEakaSHOW says:

      @j jones
      Don’t get me wrong i respect him, hes the best QB ever facts! If love to have him on my team but no not a fan at all.

    • StopWvze says:

      @Victor Ma theres always one of those who say that 🤦‍♂️ like i dead serious saw someone get hurt and someone said they felt bad and then someone said “dont feel bad! hes a millionaire.” like stfu

  6. Kevin Espinoza says:

    he looks like a great fit for the hornets,he also already has great chemistry with his brother, the charlotte hornets have nothing to lose.

  7. WoodWerkz says:

    His release is crazy fast… anytime his defender help ball, it’s over! I see where his game could be a benefit to an organization! I’m Rooting for the youngin 💪🏾💯

  8. juzta says:

    Been working his ass off and he’s proving it to everyone , i’m rooting for gelo to make that final cut

  9. OP_10112 says:

    That first catch and shoot was the sign that he’s a legit player and needs to be given a full season…

  10. JAMARI says:

    Let’s go 🔥🔥🔥

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