Liberal Redneck – Trumpcare

Liberal Redneck – Trumpcare

The GOP’s replacement for Obamacare is hilariously terrible, but that’s mostly because of the new iPhone. Or some shit.


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20 Responses

  1. Bill Bob says:

    Break the working man into groups. SJWs vs Anti-SJWs, Race vs Race, Faith vs Faith. While the peasants fight, tax cuts for the top.

  2. Mattsoup says:

    The second I saw that notification I dropped everything to come here

  3. Megan Eckert says:

    When I get fired up about politics, I slip into this accent.

  4. Bad Hombre says:

    Call it Republicare.

  5. Quiktime78 says:

    Screw it, I’m getting an iPhone.

  6. brutalictesku says:

    Poor people should be using landlines, apparenlty.

  7. RandomCrap says:

    Should be called Humpcare, because you get fucked in the ass by it. My mom will literally die if Obamacare is repealed. I know she definitely isn’t alone either.

  8. mike conley says:

    my phone was twenty bucks.
    how much care will that get me?
    cost me 88.31 for an office visit to my dr. now, im MANDATED BY THE DEA , due to the type of prescription I take for ruptured disks , to either be seen in person every 90 days or suffer tremendously more without it.
    pot helps , but its illegal!

  9. Alabama Thorne says:

    finally somebody with a Southern twang is making sense..

  10. Godzillasaur Buttersworth says:

    Dude, Jason Chafits (or however the fuck you spell his name), looks like the in-between stage of a beaver animorph and a goblin.
    He tried to come at PP w a graph that didn’t even have a Y axis, so I stopped expecting basic competency from him a while ago, but holy shit!!

  11. El_Piter33 says:

    Trumpcare also provides crazy tax breaks to the top 1% (between $80k-$120k) while killing Medicaid.

  12. Mach Anbey says:

    Isn’t that ironic that Trump supporters are the ones who are going to be affected the most by this Grim Reaper bill. MAGA? Drain The Swamp? Lmao!

  13. Rob Cooper says:

    Bbbbbut Hillary …

  14. baddbaxx says:

    Once again a real voice of reason tells the truth! Good one Trae!….,from your friends in Athens!

  15. Polaris Fur says:

    its NOT OBAMACARE is the frick fuckin frackin affordable care act. stop blaming obama for everything

  16. Jennifer Moslek says:

    I’m a Healthcare Navigator that assists people with becoming insured through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care). Since becoming a Navigator, I have had the privilege of helping numerous people gaining access to affordable health plans, some for the 1st time in their lives. The thought of having to explain to these people that they will no longer have the option of obtaining a real health plan makes me sick! As of December of 2016, we have seen 1.3 million people become insured through the ACA…And that’s just in Florida! If Obama Care was repealed, millions of people would suddenly become uninsured…Maybe the “geniuses” who are currently in office should do the math on that one! Millions of people becoming uninsured = Those people using the ER to obtain medical care w/out being able to pay the thousands of dollars to do so = Oustanding medical bills = The costs of medical care, health insurance, etc. shooting through the roof….Not to mention the even more horrific issue of people NOT getting medical care or the treatment they require at all because they can’t afford to pay for it!

  17. undercover cantaloupe says:

    As a young woman I feel so scared for my future.. if birth control becomes not free under my insurance I may someday not be able to buy it, meaning my health problems will cause me to feel like shit 2/3rds of every month when my period rolls around. People are in pain, in debt, in school. But that’s alright… it doesn’t affect old men.. so why the hell should it matter? … jeeze

  18. Captain Rhodes says:

    Rich scumbags should be guillotined.

  19. bboymonk3y says:

    Trump supporter here: 1st, this so called ‘Trump care’ was revised by Paul Ryan, a Republican, not President Trump himself. President let him approve it just to show Paul Ryan that this Obamacare 2.0 is not going to work.

    2nd, defunding planned parenthood is a good thing so women won’t be fucking getting an abortion as if it were nothing to them. Personal responsibility must be taken care of, not us tax payers paying for these women getting free abortions and birth control pills. No where in our Constitution does it say to “Provide free Abortions and Birth Control to women who do not know how to close their damn legs”. Abortions and birth control is not a *Right*, but my Freedom of Speech concerning this topic IS.

    You want an abortion or birth controls? PAY FOR IT YOURSELF.

  20. Reaper Mains says:

    Trump supporters are like*


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