Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski!!

Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski!!

Lie Detector Test on Brent Rivera & Pierson Wodzynski with Lexi Hensler!!
Today We Find Out The Truth!!!

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29 Responses

  1. Jeremy Hutchins says:


  2. ItzAbby says:

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate John for being in everyones lie detector test videos.

  3. Norah Farrell says:

    Nobody’s gonna talk about the fact they’d throw Jeremy out the elevator 😂😶

  4. RadChad 22 says:

    Pierson: “Are we friends?”
    Brent: “I think we are more than friends”

  5. Madeline E Curtis says:

    I love Pierson’s hair.

    Love you all

    Lexi: Would you ever love with Pierson
    Brent: …..yeah. it could work
    Lexi: Would you ever live with me
    Brent: no

  6. Shaiely Rawatkar says:

    I view Pierson and Brent as the kind of best friends who will live like a couple but will always say we are just friends when in reality they know there’s a thing in between them but doesn’t want the friendship to be ruined!

    • Dhwani Gola says:

      To be honest, he wouldn’t have said “more than friends” if they were really scared of ruining their friendship.

    • Alicxlla says:

      @Dhwani Gola well technically that’s exactly what he said we he had a thing Eva and they were really close and still are but looked where that turned out soo……………………………………………..

  7. Paige says:

    omg brent just said he can marry perison and thinks they r more than friends.. AHHH

  8. Jordan Lee says:

    Questions were asked, tea was spilled, thoughts shared feelings confessed, were all shook now.

    • Dominic Fevrier says:


    • Janavi R R says:

      @Dominic Fevrier it is tea! they finally admitted they’re not just friends but they’re something more, they just don’t wanna put a label on it yet. And they could even live with each othe.

  9. Dr Subha C B says:

    ” We’re more than friends ”
    “It’s a complicated relationship”

    Have you ever gotten jealous of Pierson with other guys?
    ” Uh.. No ”

    Well that’s some tea 🍵

  10. Christopher Dougherty says:

    Lexi asking if Brents a good singing: hes not a good singer

    also Lexi: not singing her self when she has a good voice

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