Lie Detector Test with My Sister – frustrating af

Lie Detector Test with My Sister – frustrating af

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51 Responses

  1. zahra Talebi says:

    “Because without turtles we wouldn’t have any Turtles “ gets me every time lmao

  2. 박연아 says:


  3. Rebecca Magar says:

    *I love Bretman’s patience like how is he controlling himself and not beating the shit out of her 😂😫*

  4. Diana Fonseca says:

    I couldn’t finish watching this it’s giving me the biggest anxiety she’s not participating !!

  5. Cette Belle Magie says:

    Bretman is giving me Poison Ivy vibes with his red hair and green outfit.

  6. Uzma Islam says:

    “This is why we only film mukbangs because all she can do is EAT”💀😭😂 Bretman and princess r the funniest siblings

  7. Angelica Garcia says:

    Princess being scared of being electrocuted but isn’t scared of giving birth.

  8. Sel M says:

    Its sooo funny how she always says I don’t wanna do this and Bretman be like GO MAEEEEEE😂😂😂

  9. sandy aguilar says:

    I’m surprise he hasn’t lost he’s voice throughout the years for yelling at princess 😂🤣

  10. Zaher Bari says:

    The content of this video:

    10%answering questions
    90%princess mae afraid to put her hands on the lie detector

  11. Tata Lene says:

    This is literally just 15 minutes of Bretman getting frustrated.

  12. Kris C says:

    This should be called “shouting at each other and also trying a lie detector” lol

  13. SERENA LEONARD says:

    princess: gives birth two times.
    also princess: IM REALLY SCARED.

  14. äshér says:


    “Okay fine”

  15. Hannah Horst says:

    Princess gave birth to two whole children and is scared of a shock

  16. Abby Vega says:

    This is like the only time I have ever wanted to scream at Princess just as much as Bretman 😅😂

  17. Alexa Vongsy says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Bretman: Going the wrong way on a onee wayyy street

  18. Vante says:

    Bretman: f*ck be normal
    Princess: I have anxiety issues

    If that ain’t me with everyone lmao

  19. Spammed Jax says:

    More like 15 minutes of Bretman trying not to beat Princess’s ass

  20. Sarah Johnson says:

    No one:
    Teachers and Bretman: WOULD YOU JUST PARTICIPATE

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