Lies The Motley Crue Movie Told You

Lies The Motley Crue Movie Told You

Motley Crue is one of the most notoriously dangerous rock bands in history, so when the trailer for the Netflix movie based on The Dirt memoir proclaimed: “This story is true,” it was easy to expect a brutally honest story. And while the Motley Crue movie is close, it’s not all the way there.

The Dirt dances artfully around the subject of Motley Crue singers not named Vince Neil, and it doesn’t even bother mentioning the band’s first singer. As Loudwire notes, before Crue could get Neil locked in, they were in the market for other singers and eventually found a man named O’Dean. Although they recorded a demo with him, the match wasn’t exactly made in heaven. In the book version of The Dirt, Tommy Lee describes O’Dean as a round and rather simple man who was a wonderful singer. Unfortunately, Nikki Sixx became furious with the singer because of his weird habit of constantly wearing a pair of white gloves that he refused to remove even when he was supposed to clap in the background of a song.

If conflicts with Sixx weren’t enough to oust O’Dean from the band, Mick Mars also had plenty of beef with him. Mars made it clear he hated O’Dean’s guts because he thought the singer was a fat hippie. The movie actually uses some of Mars’ colorful opinions about their first singer in the scene where Mars verbally eviscerates a portly rhythm guitarist also auditioning for the group.

Watch to learn more about lies the Motley Crue movie told you!

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Before Vince | 0:17
Chance encounter? | 1:21
Recruiting Vince | 2:09
Big gig | 3:02
​Mick’s debauchery | 3:57
Nikki’s overdose | 5:10
Razzle’s death | 6:09
Vince’s solo career | 7:09
Simple reunion? | 8:06
Mick’s surgery | 9:08

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77 Responses

  1. Grunge says:

    What did you think about the new Motley Crue movie, The Dirt?

  2. six65nine says:

    Suite 19 WAS referenced in the movie when Mick asks Tommy about who he’s played with before. Tommy says’ “Suite 19” to which Mick reply’s, “That band sucks”, or something along those lines.

  3. entropy156 says:

    I met O’Dean in 2008. He’s still wearing those gloves…

  4. Zach Hall says:

    nikki sixx said it himself that someone spit on vince and they fought the guys

  5. Eric Richards says:

    “for those who remember Ratt”. Seriously?

    • hypercatjohn says:

      Well, we are talking about a generation of youtubers, not middle-aged men who used to think wearing stilletos was cool. Know what I mean?

    • xCHOPP3R says:

      Eric Richards round and round

    • aaron names says:

      +triangleswinger RC more publicity

    • Lizzie Beth says:

      Like seriously…..what the hell kinda shade was that! Hell I was not a fan of fan of Ratt but know who they are!

    • Avin McNew says:

      Warren D. Martini was and still is one of the best guitarist …period ..listen to his guitar in Ratt , he was sensational and as was Lynch…but I have to say Mick Mars is my favirote..its not just his work bit the humble quite dude he is….and a couple more things ..the way the rest of them treated Vince was really wrong and Vince is just a cool guy..he’s very sweet..and loving when they portrayed Vince and Tommy were best buddies..I kinda fell south..not one of them even consoled him nor did they with Mars either…how could one not know your fucking lead guitarist is locked away like a hermit and dying !!..that just shows how they were alll fucked up…I’m sire they didnt mean for shit to happen the way it did but with Vince..going as far as hiring a new singer ! I mean wtf! Obviously they got a little to cocky..Vince saw Corabi in a bar saying he was the new singer for Motley and Vince stood up and said ” I’m the fucking singe for Motley Cruel!!

  6. Peter Scott says:

    Not mentioning Odean is not a lie.
    They just didn’t talk about him.

  7. Juan C. Hernandez says:

    “According to Loudwire…”

  8. No Name Madox says:

    Comon just enjoy the movie and not nitpick. I’ve been a fan almost since the beginning and got to see gnr play with them and I’m not even pull this shit.

  9. Antonio Pappalardo says:

    1) the thing about the 1sr gig is true (heard it for sure in a nikki sixx interview)
    2) Slash and Steven Adler are in the overdose scene!,,

    • Randy Wissler says:

      I almost missed Adler sitting on floor by the door. If it wasn’t for his hair, I would have. Lol

    • SYNAPTIK says:

      Someone saying it doesn’t make it true.

    • BKhai KhaiB says:

      +SYNAPTIK The book was written by Nikki and the movie gets a lot of content from the book. (EDIT: Almost all) You’re right, but it was the 80s. Couldn’t record everything, and people have witnessed the crazy shit they’ve done, including that shit at their first gig.

      The best part is you either believe this shit happened or not, and nobody fucking cares either way.

      How would you function in a time without a reliance on pictures? You’d probably go mad from the skepticism of everything you hear or you’d realize you aren’t so skeptical, and many things are easily believable without being seen. Can’t take a man at his word so what is yours worth? It’s up to you, though.

    • SYNAPTIK says:

      +BKhai KhaiB Ha Ha. No worries. I know not everyone blindly believes their hyped up antics. They aren’t so gullible. But I guess the truth would sell books would it. #Chinesewhispers

  10. Benjamin Crump says:

    Adler and Slash are visible in the overdose scene…

  11. The Real Eddie Mars says:

    Steven Adler is in the scene of the overdose.
    A couple of seconds before Slash on the couch, Steven is on the floor at the beginning of the scene.

  12. Blake Snider says:

    This list is also telling lies lmao

  13. daveglander1 says:

    Did anyone else think that Iwan Rheon stole the entire movie?

    • Harley Quinn says:

      +Big Daddy Throckmorton agreed.

    • annmarieknapp says:

      I thought The Tommy and Nikki actors stole the movie, but I enjoyed the Mick Mar’s scenes the most

    • King Melanin says:

      MGK stole it

    • aaron names says:

      +King Melanin y’all with your theft allegations hahaha

    • Lizzie Beth says:

      I definitely enjoyed his clever deliveries.

      I got the feeling Mick wanted this. The other members are rowdy as hell but he’s got that mysterious aura. The kind that makes you naturally gravitate towards him cause you wanna know more.

      I always thought he was the hottest member in the band. Even now, looks pretty damn good but that’s just me. I gravitate towards the guys that get overlooked while everybody else is going for the bad boys.

      Same with John Deacon from Queen. I thought he was the hottest. His low key behavior adds mystery and attracts me.

  14. Willy Ward says:

    You are wrong…in the movie Tommy Lee mentions to Mars that he was in the band sweet 19

  15. CSRT4 Ever says:

    No lies were told, just half-truths..
    Big difference as it’s a Movie.
    I’d advise everyone to read the book, “The Dirt” instead.

  16. I luv to troll u says:

    The band wasn’t called motley Crue until Vince joined the band so Vince is the original singer , so you’re wrong.

  17. Mediocre Content says:

    Within 30 seconds you already get it wrong. The movie says ‘based on a true story’ not ‘this story is true’. Creates a considerable difference lol.

  18. Gareth Gobblecock says:

    Its almost as if they simplified things to fit into a 1.5hr movie hmm…

  19. Ivano Ilardi says:

    slash is lying on the couch in that scene!

  20. jesus christ himself says:

    Nikki Sixx even said that a guy spit on Vince and it caused a brawl

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