Life Explained in 27 Seconds

Life Explained in 27 Seconds


this was written by the great Farrelly Brothers see here –

I filmed this in 2014 with the great Zack Trietz

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19 Responses

  1. Alan Cantu says:

    It’s been so long since I have stopped to just enjoy something. I work hard
    everyday and I know I can still get further ahead with more hard work. I’m
    missing out on so much just to have my family happy. This video is so true!

  2. Billy Halstead says:

    You gay

  3. Josiah Robinson says:

    Hustle everyday and everyday will be more fulfilling. The harder I hustle
    the more I want to work. 

  4. ZARvideos says:


  5. BrotherSam says:

    27 Seconds and i wont to change my life :D

  6. Ant (mrheavyhand) says:

    this was fucking great.

  7. bshaoulian says:

    Holy fuck, Casey, that just blew my mind lol so true

  8. Chukwuma Njoku says:

    This aint words of wisdom….this is video of wisdom. Lol

  9. MaTicDesign says:


  10. Carmelo Russo says:

    Life explained in 27 seconds by +CaseyNeistat 

  11. Danilo says:

    Belgian airport, right?

  12. claudiac says:

    This will be defs my motivation for revision

  13. Derek Leiardo says:

    Meanwhile in Africa…

  14. TheDJninja rage says:

    What if you hustle and life is going faster than you can run?

  15. Axcvaw says:

    Not true. I can do nothing and still live wealthy with my money.

  16. Ŧ says:

    The music choice is on point.

  17. awsomevids yay says:


  18. Tian Wu says:


  19. Ryan Holmes says:

    love to see your still making videos