life update

life update

Thank you for tuning in for this life update! Love you all so so much!

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Thank you so much for being here and watching! 💗

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27 Responses

  1. Jennifer Conner says:

    As a mom, and grandmother, your health is so much more important than “the quality of the videos” for a few months. Take care of you and I’ sure everyone will understand.

    • Jessica Å says:

      Yes! It doesn’t have to be “perfect”. Honestly there doesn’t have to be any videos at all. I really hope she knows we’ll be here whenever she gets back on track.

    • Yoli Ari says:

      As a human being with feelings, with no children or grandchildren, I think the same.

    • Trin Murray says:

      Totally agree! I’m sure most of us if not all of us do not care if the quality of the video goes down a bit. We are just happy to see her😊

    • Brooke Alexandra says:

      Health shoud be the priority!

    • Sue Clark says:

      Just film at Mama Maples’ kitchen table. I watch your videos because of your bright, sunshiny personality. Please take care of yourself. You’re a national treasure!

  2. Jolien Vermeiren says:

    You are not complaining at all. It isn’t only your content that makes us happy, it is mainly you, Mia. You make us happy and everyone has ups and downs. That’s normal and you shouldn’t be afraid or worried to share this kinda stuff to us. We will always stand by and support you Mia. No matter what happens. You litteraly made my life so much brighter and I’m grateful I found your channel.💖💖💖💖

  3. Agusze says:

    Mia, the health is the most important thing in the world. We don’t come here just to admire your surroundings, you as a person is the reason why we are here. Even if you film yourself in toilet with your phone, talking to us about totally nonsense we will be here because you always, even in the darkest time, can make us laugh and not think about our problems. Never ever think again that you need to apologize us for “worse quality”, as far as you or your loved once will be on that video – we have nothing to complain on 🙂 Hope you will get well soon, take care <3

  4. Emma van der Heiden says:

    We don’t come here to just be entertained by you. You aren’t just a court jester stumbling around to entertain people. We come here for you. Your ups and downs. You are more than the content you create. You’re not a machine and you shouldn’t hold yourself to a robot standard. You create whatever you want to create. This is your art form. We are here for the art.

  5. Mazz MJ says:

    Girl, you scared the crap out of us! We don’t care where you film, we are just happy you figured out what was going on and can make yourself feel and be healthy! ❤

  6. ariana gonzalez says:

    Mia, film wherever , in the park, outside. This is the time to explore new places and ideas. You quality of videos should never be a burden when you health and life are at stake. Lots of hugs and love! You’ve got this.

    • Sufia Hussain says:

      This is such a great idea, I would love outside videos. Especially with the weather becoming nicer. Just like hanging out with a friend outside.

  7. CM says:

    Someone once told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re drowning in 3 feet of water while someone else is drowning in 30 feet — you’re both still drowning. We love you Mia! Take all the time you need to make sure your living space is safe and healthy💗

    • Melissa Neal says:

      Omg I love this! 👍🏻💖

    • FolkFaninMA says:

      Yes. When I was young and had any kind of issue, I was always told that there are other people with much worse problems. Ok, fine that is probably true, but why do my problems have to be made to seem insignificant because others may be worse off. That attitude just made me feel bad/guilty for daring to bring up any kind of issue. And please note this was not my parents. It was mostly people in the educational institutions. The same people who told me I couldn’t do certain things I knew perfectly well I could just because I have a disability.

    • dz dz tar says:

      “Just because your problem is small it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter” ….. words to live by

    • AlliAshKat says:

      Yes, exactly! It’s not a competition, things just suck sometimes! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤

    • ESWilliams09 says:

      well, the first person can just stand up. hahaha

  8. Merrin Elizabeth says:

    Mold allergies run in my family. Myself, my mom and all my siblings are highly sensitive and have been dealing with mold exposure and toxicity for about a decade now so I fully understand what you’re going through. Although it’s a big pain in the butt to deal with, it sounds like you’ve got a great doctor and support system in place to help you through it. Don’t worry about keeping your channel upbeat and full of “very exciting videos” and just know that your fan base will always be here for you no matter what you’re going through! Your health should be your priority! Take care of yourself, Mia! We love you!

  9. ggggh says:

    Fingers crossed that in a month or so you’re back in your house with NO issues! What an incredibly well-summarized version of what must be one of the most frustrating journeys ever. I’m glad you trusted your gut and checked for asbestos, too. Wow. All the best vibes to you Mia!

  10. sreynich1 says:

    This needs to be on your main channel Mia because many of your followers should be aware of this information. Glad you are taking care of yourself and can’t wait to see new videos when you are ready! ❤🎉

    • Katy B says:

      Completely agree! Mia is the third person in the last couple of years I’ve heard of having serious problems with mould.
      I’ve also seen youtubers who’s houses have flooded, and they haven’t dealt with it properly.
      They’ll end up with mould, or sell the house and the next people might get sick.
      Definitely needs to be more awareness!

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