Hey Larlees, todays video is a different one, I wanted to sit down and update you guys on my life. I have SO much going on with my family, my brand Laura Lee Los Angeles, and OMG DIFF eyewear. Thank you all for hanging out. I hope you guys like the sunglasses. I love you guys. – Laura

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49 Responses

  1. Elena Vitug says:

    LOVED the video! Do a video with your niece!!!

  2. Nevaeh Kreeger says:

    It’s so amazing how you and Tyler are taking in your niece and how your helping her to become a better person and become the person she needs. And I appreciate how you don’t paint a picture of how your marriage life is going because a lot of people in the YouTube or social media world do so when in reality everyone couple gets in arguments. Whether they’re big or small. This inspires me to keep going and life isn’t perfect and that’s ok and you don’t have to act differently or change for anyone. Thank you so much and love you so much!! (Please do a video with your niece…”My niece does my makeup video?” And what happen to your sister or brother?)

    • HopingFor TheBest says:

      Nevaeh Kreeger I feel like she would let her niece release that information if she wants to. That’s a really personal thing to tell the world about without the child’s consent. Not everyone wants their dirty laundry online.

    • Ivy Grace says:

      Everyone has the right to ask a question.. so many people trying to speak for Laura all the time.. people can ask.. and laura can reply if she wants to.

    • HopingFor TheBest says:

      Right I’m sure if she wanted to talk about it and tell everyone what happened to her nieces parents then she already would have in this video. It seems if you rewatch it that she was purposefully vagur

    • Rachel Metcalf says:

      How is that not nosy 😂

  3. Miriam Mcelwey says:

    Can you please do your nieces makeup and let her pick your makeup

  4. Courtney Ellen says:

    I thought when I saw the adoption part it was going to be for an animal I was shocked!!! That’s so amazing of you and Tyler to do that family first !

  5. Ashleigh Sanders says:

    Oh congrats on getting your niece! It will really give your Mom a chance to just be Grandma instead of having to parent. If she’s been caring for her for the entirety of her life, she prob really needs that.

  6. Shelby Daniels says:

    I think it’s great you’re adopting her. I’m sure your mom is proud of you too. She will have a good life for sure 🙂 and for all these people wondering why she’s not with her parents, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s really none of anyone’s business. I’m happy for you.

  7. Bella Beauty says:

    does anyone know why her niece doesn’t live with the the mom? I’m not trying to be disrespectful and what is private should remain that way but idk if i missed a vid or snap of her saying why

  8. simplyjudy says:

    Your niece is lucky to have you. You will change her life for the better and she will bless you as well.
    I wish you all the best.
    Only you could pull off those eye colors. I would look like a clown if I tried wearing them

  9. Catalina Martinez says:

    And you thought you didn’t want kids but look at you stepping in to be her mother figure . That’s soo big of you and it’s extremely hard. I had to take in my cousin in at a very young age. I was 17 when I took guardianship over her. It’s an amzing and difficult journey but worth it!!!

  10. Erica West says:

    Why does your sister not have her?🙂

  11. Stefani Joanne says:

    Girl what was up with the bronzer on your left cheek and them eyeshadows were two different shapes! Are you okay? Thought maybe you were nervous or something in this

  12. Krista Thomas says:

    Best video you have ever done

  13. Domi Daze says:

    Laura, I want to say, when my mom had issues and couldn’t take care of me. My aunt and uncle took care of me and technically adopted me. And it was the best because I could still see and be with my mom. So props to you girl.

  14. Jamie Maple says:

    I kind of fell out of watching your videos… I feel like I do that with my favorite youtubers where I go hard for months watching every video and then don’t watch them for a while. This video turned me back on to your channel! Of course I’ve always been a fan but I just haven’t been watching as many videos recently. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to and see what looks you’re going to create in your videos 🙂

  15. Marissa Ricotta says:

    u and manny just need to hangout together and just watch a movie and make muckbang videos 24/7

  16. Marissa Ricotta says:

    people please dont come for me but where is her nieces parents? if anyone knows i want to know but if not then its fine, just asking

    • B. Kae says:

      Charity Leigh do you know that? Or are you just assuming and spreading rumors about a 14 year old? I understand asking because maybe she shared it before on snapchat or something, but just because she shared a small part of it doesn’t mean she’s required to explain any more. She didn’t make why the child isn’t with her parents “our business”, she only shared that she was keeping her niece, the rest isn’t her place or her story to tell the world that already critiques everything she says and does.

    • Jaydyn Allan says:

      its not her story to tell its that little girls also no one owes you an explanation, it shouldn’t affect your life

    • Nel Diamond says:

      I was wondering the same thing I thought maybe she mentioned it on snap or ig or in a yt video that I missed. I thought maybe they passed away or something, I’m sure if that were the case fans would want to send flowers, or money or condolences. I don’t think it matters where the parents are but I thought I missed something… based on this thread I’m guessing she never said why, which is fine.

  17. SparkleOnForever says:

    I love your accent and could listen to you all day lol 🙂
    I find it really hard watching some other YouTube beauty Gurus because I just can’t relate to them but you on the other hand it’s a whole other story 👭💐💄💅🏼
    Thank you for staying true to yourself it really shows on camera much love 💕

  18. Cara MacDonald says:

    You should do her makeup xxx

  19. Best Of Insta says:

    7:05 is where the makeup starts…9:16 is where the adoption part starts

  20. Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    Good luck with your new role Laura 😀 It will be difficult and exciting too! I can’t wait to see your new colorful products!

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