Life update

Life update

This is the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my entire life. I ask that you all be respectful during this painful time. Thank you

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20 Responses

  1. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    I wonder if this has anything with if they can’t have kids or something
    like that :(

  2. Annie You gotta problem says:

    I look at both videos Colleen and Joshua your fans are amazing we will get
    through this

  3. Antonio Lemasters says:

    I was there since the beggining and you guys are goals and its ok let the
    people be stupid and use a heartbreak as a loop pole their stupid and
    probably have no life were here for you its going to be ok just think alot
    before you do big things ok ilysm

  4. RedRedWine says:

    I wonder how much money she’s making off of this video lol

  5. mimiagstudios12 says:

    Colleen, I’m sorry for what you are going through.
    Things don’t always work out and I understand that. There is no reason to
    apologize to us, you are hurting and those who don’t see that and prefer to
    leave hateful comments are shameless.
    I wish you the best of luck <3

  6. Kalee Chaudhry says:

    you guys said till death do us part im really disappointed

  7. Lana Reynolds says:

    first brad & angelina, now this.😭😖

  8. Ariya Nath says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole video but why is she divorcing him???

  9. whooareu says:

    Why are you acting like divorce is your only option? It’s not. You are the
    one choosing to end the marriage. Josh doesn’t want a divorce, which means
    he’s willing to work things out. You always say that happiness is a choice.
    So why don’t you choose to be happy in your marriage? Priorities.

  10. Nicholas Alexander says:

    Why is this trending on YouTube? who cares if some random person is getting
    divorced? Keep your personal life personal… I guarantee the whole YouTube
    thing probably played a big part.

  11. Jacob Motichek says:

    This bitch and the pussy she’s married to is the exact result of liberal
    parenting. Toughen up and figure shit out. All you’re doing is packing up
    your baggage and moving it elsewhere. DEAL WITH YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMS.

  12. EntG1 says:

    Category: Entertainment lol

    This is obviously a personal thing, so why are you posting on Youtube?
    Seems like you only want attention.

  13. 4everlikemary says:

    Colleen you are a strong woman and I’m really proud of you for making this
    video! You are both amazing people! Be strong! You are a human being not
    every step is gonna be perfect and it’s gonna hurt sometimes. There is no
    reason to judge anyone. It’s your decision. Your life! And if you both
    thought that the relationship wasn’t going to make you happy then be it.
    Just wish you guys the best wishes! And stay strong! Xoxo

  14. Max Aviles says:


  15. red red says:

    couldn’t even last 2 years married white people lmao

  16. LittlePsychopath says:

    Some damn people on here… seriously, Colleen is having such a hard time
    and so much of you still have the fucking nerves to say the shittiest
    things ever… like “for the views” or even fucking “kys” dude? Really? How
    fucking old are you? They are getting a divorce, it’s their choice, and
    they want to share it with us because they’ve share everything with us! And
    now you’re being a little bitch because of it?
    I support them in their choice….
    And if you don’t support them, don’t say bad stuff.
    Like, she already is having such a hard time she shouldn’t suffer even more
    than she is right now…

  17. SparkleUnicorn HoneyBear says:

    I can only imagine what your going through😞I’m always right here for
    you❤️I love you so much❤️stay strong❤️

  18. Jack Loubier says:

    I luv u I’m sorry

  19. eden 101 says:

    don’t worry colleen we will be with you all the way

  20. Alessandra Eltoukhy says:

    Is this for real I hope not your the prefect couple😢😰😖😔