Lifeweaver Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Lifeweaver Origin Story | Overwatch 2

Introducing Lifeweaver.

The nature-loving inventor left his luxurious lifestyle behind and set out on a noble mission to make the world a better place with his signature technology: biolight.

Coming to #Overwatch2 Season 4 on April 11.

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39 Responses

  1. Master Ian Gamer says:

    I will heal our world…

    by dragging our team’s Reinhardt into the Ilios well

  2. Schmedzageddon says:

    i will not apologize for the person i will become when lifeweaver enters the roster

  3. PlayOverwatch says:

    Lifeweaver will heal our world! 🌸

  4. Lyon dballz says:

    So does he not like Symmetra bc she’s all about perfection?? 🤔 I’m psyched to hear their interactions

  5. Clayborn Mathis says:

    Zenyatta’s gonna love this guy

  6. Luninareph says:

    He and Mei are going to get along great

  7. Claudia Hidalgo says:

    Druid-artificer-healer. I love it!

  8. ABitDistant says:

    I can see Lifeweaver and Lucio hitting it off really well

  9. Veiluwu says:

    lifeweaver seems like the culmination of all of overwatch’s themes i love it

  10. winabime says:

    голос Пувина просто вау ❤️‍🔥

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