Lil Baby | Funk Flex | #Freestyle195

Lil Baby | Funk Flex | #Freestyle195

Lil’ Baby’s album ‘It’s Only Me’ out 10/14



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32 Responses

  1. Bbblackpenguin says:

    Its crazy how we’ve seen his confidence grow since he first came out n his first interview and his first freestyle..Lil baby the face of rap right now

  2. MostHated EJ says:

    Lil Baby has been consistent. He’s one of the best of the new generation.

  3. Fredo2Timez says:

    I don’t understand why some people don’t give folks they flowers😂. Baby did his thing on this beat, whether its a recorded song or not, he came a long way from when he first started rapping. This generation gone look at him as one of the goats when he’s done in the rap game whether they like him or not💯.

  4. JuiceMan says:

    Baby gonna have Album of the Year…

  5. Dario Cruz says:

    This finna have a milly at the end of the day. Salute Lil Baby 🫡

  6. Ben Frankss says:

    Baby has more talent than most people give him credit for. His flow is insane and unmatched, it’s the way he jumped into different pockets of the beat on his flow switches is nuts. He snapped like he has something to prove.

  7. Jonathan Hidalgo says:

    Spotted this man today at saks 5th. The level of security this man had was wild lmao

  8. Patrick Severe says:

    pretty smooth wish he used his raw vocals like this more

  9. J Strong says:

    Flow is very unique! Killed it!

  10. Mr popo says:

    Funk flex face expressions always kill me 😂😂😂

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