Lil Baby Speaks On Fatherhood, Young Thug As A Mentor, New Music + More

Lil Baby Speaks On Fatherhood, Young Thug As A Mentor, New Music + More

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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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72 Responses

  1. Teneas Anderson says:

    “Last couple days I’ve been excited” …but wasn’t even excited..bro too humble

  2. Partially .Amoah says:

    Pray God protects him through all his endeavors 🙏🏽

  3. Jessann Reece says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I like this kid. I’ve seen his growth in interviews and his desire to keep growing and learning. He has a way to go, but he’s on his way. Just stay away from the hood young brotha and keep your head up.

  4. Celia Gill says:

    I have a strong feeling this young man is gonna make it further than what he think he is (mark my word) He is so humble and he wears his heart on his sleeve!! Keep up the good work Lil Baby!!💯💪🏽

    • shayne adams says:

      @Broderick Duffy looool wordup fool.. it doesn’t matter these day.. style. Blessup

    • Brandon McIntyre says:

      Celia Gill

    • Derreon Hunter says:

      Niggas do one interview and we can tell the future all of a sudden.

    • Celia Gill says:

      I see a lot of (B.O.B) BLACK ON BLACK hating in these comments. #WhyYouMad

    • JeremiyahJudah says:

      You are admiring stupidity Most of us have lost Fam Shot down Bullets bursting through faces, Hot and Tearing through Flesh, Ripping into organs and Filling the lungs with Blood coughed and spit from the mouth Shocked Faces, Screams, Panic, Fear, Momma Broken, Babies left Behind, 30 round clips, 20 year turn into an old man sentences. PROMOTE Murder, PROMOTE Death, PROMOTE Kill. Whose Momma should cry next.Whose phone should ring with bad news. WHOSE FAMILY. IF you celebrate violence and Death in any way. Don’t cry when your family suffers CELEBRATE

  5. Monique Green says:

    He Really Didnt Want To Talk About The Migos it will all come out soon the truth lol

    • Hospital Administrator says:

      Monique Green Lol they might be a lil salty that he blowing up, and P and coach k spending more time building the newer artists.

  6. JV Smith says:

    Shawty gone be alright., good head on his shoulders.,

  7. sheda girl says:

    He seems like a good dude to still do for his dad

  8. A. WHITE says:

    He looks/ sounds like the weight of the world is on him.

  9. Cartier231 says:

    “I didn’t throw the chair” – Lil Baby

  10. Coatomc says:

    ATL make sure you protect this young brother. Something special about him beyond the music. I would love to see him grow all the way up.

  11. Tanija Nicole says:

    Lil baby so calm and chill love his energy

  12. Dom 808 says:

    I really admired his vulnerability throughout the interview.

  13. Talib Petaway says:

    If you’re reading this, I hope you find your inner peace.

  14. Jason Mccullar says:

    One of the best in the game right now. Not for just his music but for his continuous growth as a person.

  15. djksquallzz says:

    “in high school they pass you, but you don’t pass ya feel me”

    smh that line way harder than it seems.

    • Money Money says:

      Well who’s fault is it that students don’t like to do work or listen to teachers. They don’t apply themselves in school anymore.

    • Ryan Shannon says:

      Bro I observed that when I was in High School Literally & I did not understand this before now I do .

    • TonyHustle90 says:

      I felt that. I got some potnas that ain’t no way they should have graduated high school. Boys couldn’t even read on level.

    • A B says:

      Liu Kang Kixx Many blessings to you King!! Continue to spread the word to our young brothers, we all we got! May the Universe continue to bless you with a unlimited supply of love and favor 💫🙏🏾

    • methodmaned johnson says:

      Stay off that Reggie, you’re thinking 💭 too much. 🤦‍♂️

  16. Monica Chambers says:

    Three questions always asked on the BC…
    cmtg – “you ever think about going to therapy?”
    envy – “so what makes you still have love for the game?”
    angela – “so we heard you got a new boo”

  17. Darius Gillis says:

    I respect his perspective on still helping his father. A lot of times we give more second chances to people that truly don’t care about us vs giving second chances to our own family members.

  18. Dark Kent says:

    He doesn’t articulate himself very well but I feel where he’s coming from with keeping a small circle father hood and how he moves with having success…I like his character it seems genuine and solid congrats to the young man success

  19. Y_UWannaKnowMyName? Huh? says:

    [“I ain’t gettin’ in trouble…” – Lil’ Baby] A lot of young and old people need to listen to this, stay out of the BS and get to the money!

  20. Souadou Camara says:

    I respect him even more; his humbleness and willingness to help others is beautiful. Also, I love the fact that he once said: he doesn’t wear tattoos, because he sees himself in board room meetings . 🙌🏽 He already has the billion dollar mentality.

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