Lil Baby – “The Bigger Picture” (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

Lil Baby – “The Bigger Picture” (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

Watch Lil Baby’s 63rd GRAMMY Awards Performance of “The Bigger Picture.” Stream // Download Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture” here:

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87 Responses

  1. marlin thrower says:

    This dude never disappoints much respect

  2. Blonzko the sequel says:

    Bruh, how are they not gonna give a Grammy to Lil baby.

  3. Lil Racks says:

    Bruh Lil Baby deserved the win who cares, we truly know who is really the winner Edit:We love you lil baby, You did your best ❤

  4. Smile says:


    King Von: I ain’t gonna watch dis cuz dis da 63rd.

  5. Ariana Gandhi says:

    “we done had a he-ck of a year god is the only man i fear”
    “it’s a state of emergency its been a HELL of a year”

  6. Danny boy says:

    So y’all telling me megan deserved to win over this?! 💀💀

  7. Mike Flinn says:

    The fact that they gave the award to MEGAN over this really just blows me 🤦🏽‍♂️ like this is REAL ASS shit, but they chose the booty shaking song from Tik Tok 😐

    • RottenHopper says:

      tik tok makes them popular

    • Wolong Gong says:

      @Cooley363 I didnt say anyone was robbed…I said he is a fake ass race baiter trying to get our people enslaved again with his lying about victimization. Nothing keeps a people weak like blaming others for their problems.

    • Niya Fendi says:

      @Wolong Gong the whole song went over your head . It has nothing to do with being a victim.

    • Rashxn Rolle says:

      @Wolong Gong you dont hear the words he saying huh stfu pussy

    • Muhammad Ismail says:

      not surprising, remember they still happen J cole a single grammy, they don’t appreciate meaningful art,

  8. N7 says:

    y’all telling me dat wack ass savage song better then this???? 😭😭

  9. Amazing23 says:

    Damn. He did have a hell of a year-2020. This album out sold Taylor Swift, becoming the highest selling album of 2020. Good job 👏

  10. Justin Bauer says:

    The revolution will not be televised.. I’m not sure how I feel about social issues being used in such bourgeois, mainstream formats. I guess it’s a good thing, but it makes me wonder if and why wealthy elites would want us to go this way.

    I think BLM is a misinformed movement. But I do half support it just because I’m a poor person. My parents and grandparents were all working class and I have a class consciousness. Maybe it is kind of a distraction from how society is mostly split between haves/have-nots, and not race..

  11. Andy says:

    Lil Baby: 63rd GRAMMYs
    King Von: aight Imma head out

    RIP VON🕊❤️

  12. Nathan Northup says:

    damn the really set a fire at wendy’s. those spicy nuggs are gon be hella spicy

    • Corey says:

      @Drew Verdé Tell me at what point in life did he struggle at all? Hes not a voice for the streets, you’re a blind moron for thinking he is, a lot of his songs are about getting glocks and finding people who betrayed, if you think thats the voice for people struggling in the streets, then you’re an idiot. No one wants that life, but are stuck with it, him glorifying and making money by singing about glocks hoes and drugs just proves he doesent care, it’s all for publicity. But here you are defending a guy whose only struggle in life was dropping out of school because hes stupid, yet that’s a struggle, a struggle for a dumbass goof lol

    • Omar Soliman says:

      @Corey You got a point it’s just the deliverance that’s bad

    • Drew Verdé says:

      @Corey I never said droppin out is the struggle dumb ass you’re judging the man’s life based on an assumption from your own opinion of hate.

    • Phoenix-King 77 says:


  13. Arianna M. says:

    “God is the only man I fear”.

  14. Giorgia Llerena Paredes says:

    He deserved that Grammy, such a good performance.

  15. Akash Dutta says:

    The people at Grammy’s be smoking crack

  16. noah_youngin 3 says:

    If king von was nominated for anything he wouldn’t have accepted it cause it’s the 63rd Grammys

  17. Andrew says:

    Lil Baby should’ve won ong his song had the most meaning

  18. Fab Arellano says:

    After many years I didn’t like his music but I’m finally a Lil Baby fan ✊🏽

  19. Arabella Noneya says:

    Remember when the Grammys were about talent?

  20. Anas Ahmed says:

    As baby said : I’m too busy getting millions so I ain’t Tripping about award❗️

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