Lil Durk – All My Life ft. J. Cole (Official Video)

Lil Durk – All My Life ft. J. Cole (Official Video)

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Directed by Steve Cannon
Executive Produced & Edited by Nolan Riddle
Executive Produced by Peter Jideonwo
Produced by Tashi Bhutia
Production Company: Grade A Films


#LilDurk #JCole #AllMyLife

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30 Responses

  1. Dalton Davis says:

    This is what hip hop needs. More positive messages from the top artists. The world could be such a better place if we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down and killing each other.

  2. Exo Nzenga Mokanda says:

    Proud Of You Durkio This Is The type Of Message We Want Out There And I’m Glad That You One Setting This Example. Stay Blessed Brother.

  3. Gimono Studio says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for showing other rappers that they don’t have to make music that poisons the mind in order to be a hit but food for the soul. This is definitely a hit song

  4. Slushy says:

    As a 10 year durk fan this song really means a lot. Cole really is a role model to his peers

  5. T.J. Davis says:

    Insta-classic!! Two absolute lyrical beasts! Kept it positive and murdered it. They’ll be playing this one a thousand years from now. Love it! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. danielharrison says:

    this feels different to what i’m used to hearing

  7. Jesuisrare says:

    This made me feel like I took a fresh inhale and just felt better inside after what I’m going through at this moment

  8. Nylah Evans-Watson says:

    We needed this. J Cole always comes through by no surprise, but hearing Durkio present himself in this way makes me feel really good. This song is a banger. Thank you. You’re touching the masses through this. Keep going in this direction please. The youth need to hear more of this.

  9. B FLY says:

    Exactly what the world needs right now. More positivity and love being pushed.❤💯💯

  10. Change says:

    Messages like these are what hip-hop should be 💯 both fire, Cole gave gold 🪙🏆🥇 💥🙌🏼

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