Lil Durk – Blocklist (Official Video)

Lil Durk – Blocklist (Official Video)

7220, the new album from Lil Durk. Available now:

Shot by @JerryPHD

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21 Responses

  1. AustinChallenges says:

    Durk consistent wit it. I swear I be getting so many Durk notifs all the time of new songs

  2. Leshhal says:

    Respect for this SMURK

  3. BigHomieBlocks&ZaviaTV says:

    This amazing 💪🏽🔥

  4. nub says:

    Lil dudes dreams came true. Big props to Durk bruh bringing lil dude in like that for the video. Hope homie takes advantage of the platform

  5. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    Big dreams happens For real….you just gotta wake up and Grab it.

  6. Stumpy says:

    Quality and consistency…. Lil Durk been doing his Thangg 🔥

  7. Bloc Beez says:

    Goated.. big props to smurk, and lil homie. That was a dream come true for a fan and a blessing!
    Dirk you gone continuously get yo blessings brodie 🙏🏽💪🏾

  8. Sly Sly says:

    Respect to Durk man this shows it’s doesn’t always have to be about you. Use your position to help other people ‼️💯

  9. Sly Sly says:

    This just proves this man and his team are marketing geniuses, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next

  10. Don't read profile photo says:

    This song hit different when you’re actually on that blocklist… 💯

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