Lil Durk – Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen – (Official Music Video)

Lil Durk – Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen – (Official Music Video)

#LilDurk #MorganWallen #BroadwayGirls

Lil Durk – Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen

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37 Responses

  1. BigHomieBlocks&ZaviaTV says:


  2. Azerrz says:

    Been on repeat since it dropped 🤠

  3. ThaReal OmarNlz says:

    Been listening to Durk about 10 years now and watching the growth is crazy. Been recently getting into some country within the past couple years too and Morgan has become one of my favorite. Dope to see a collab between one of my favorite rap artists and one of my favorite country artists. 🔥

  4. IDontKnow says:

    Never would think someone like Lil Durk would make a song with Morgan. He’s came a long way from Drill.

  5. Xigod says:

    Lil Durk came all the way up, in 2010 he was just doing Chicago Drill rap, then he started blowing up, and in 2021 he’s shining like a star⭐✨

    • Sarah Belcher says:

      Glad to see 2 people build off each other and grow….instead of tearin’ one another down. This is how ya make it. Keep it up boys. This will help both of their careers. 🔥❤💋

  6. Soprano Bags says:

    This is good . It’s new its well executed . Its bringing different genres its opening doors . This was a player move most definitely

  7. David Weiland says:

    This song is so fucking good. Love the country/rap collab. Definitely need more of this.

  8. Justin Chapatuka says:

    Lil Durk did something everyone wasn’t expecting ❤️

  9. Ryan Norton says:

    This is incredible. Like not only does the collab alone take you by surprise, but the song is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! If you hate on this you’re just a flat out hater.

  10. Fredo Bang says:


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