Lil Durk – Hanging With Wolves (Official Video)

Lil Durk – Hanging With Wolves (Official Video)


Shot by @JerryPHD

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35 Responses

  1. IndianaDrill says:

    Another song to add to my playlist right before I go into work😎

  2. Kenna says:

    Durk is the kind of success story that encourages me as an underground artist with a small following. Seeing how he’s developed his skills and slowly blown up after seizing each and every opportunity he’s been giving has been inspirational! Mans has quickly become a mainstay in the industry and for good reason. Dude is too nice! I know if I put in the work, I can reach a larger audience some day too, but for now, I’m happy being a supporter. My turn will come too. Salute to Durk🔥

  3. Kyle Allen says:

    I’m 35 years old,…grew up on 2pac, biggie, bone thugs, Dre and warren g….and it’s hard for people my age to like todays music (you guys will see what I mean when you get older and listen to the younger gens music coming up)…that being said I really dig this Lil Durk fella!

  4. Jorge Teixeira says:

    Durkio never disappoints and that’s a fact 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Ml junior Chorr says:

    The way this man can bring on different energy in different songs is just crazy

  6. YungLeo TheArtist says:

    300 days 300 nights vibes the old Durk BACK 🔥🔥 Beatin them cases and keeping his old music alive with the new 💯 Dozen years in the game and Durk still going 👏

  7. Brian Tigue says:

    The man does it again..All he drops is fire!!!

  8. Ms Allegedly says:

    Dammm Lil Durk did it again, he keep his raps game banging&hollering through the streets, hands down much respect to Durkioooo, this song is Litttttty 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love this song frfr

  9. Watch El Tero says:

    Kudos to the beat maker 🔥🔥🔥

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