Lil Durk, King Von & Booka600 – Jump feat. Memo600 (Official Audio)

Lil Durk, King Von & Booka600 – Jump feat. Memo600 (Official Audio)

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71 Responses

  1. Ty Brazy says:


  2. Fargo says:

    Von had so much potential RIP VON🕊

  3. TicorieDa Goat says:

    “The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will”

  4. James Vinely says:

    I pray whoever sees this is successful in life like I’ll be successful in YouTube

  5. foolie says:

    memo snapped

  6. ADontPlay says:

    Forever Vroy. The whole London UK wanna see that Rondo boy splattered. 💯

    • Yung Swaed says:

      @Yuckie Yuckie ight jus saying fans really be mad over staff dat don’t concern them

    • Kylan Hasselbring says:

      @Woiyoii Che killed ten ppl but didn’t get caught are you dumb?

    • Chef BoiYouUglyAsHell says:

      You take one of mine, I take three of yours and it doesn’t matter who it is.

    • Juggah plz says:

      @Saint L Lul Tim just protecting his man when they was getting run up by about 20 dudes. People automatically wanna throw blame on rondo when they don’t know what happened

    • Dunk2G says:

      u act like u part of it lmao, both of them good artists we don’t need to lose anyone else over some stupid shit

  7. Axoist Ig says:

    Let’s be honest Von would’ve surpass durk

  8. Woiyoii Che says:

    Those ppl claiming durk sacrifice von still haven’t had a valid reason 🤷🏽🤷

    • mr jezzy says:

      Folks really saying durk wouldn’t sacrifice Von because he wouldn’t have nothing to gain🤦🏾. Y’all gotta b a different type of stupid, durk been in the game since 2011 and ant never been this relevant, Grammy Nominations and more. And stop saying them niggas was brothers because durk only linked up wit Von when he got out for da body and durk plan was to use him for security just like he uses Thf Zoo💯 durk nor Von himself didn’t know he was gone actually b able to rap. Once durk saw Von had talent that’s when he got real close.

    • Ew Muva says:

      @mr jezzy type in ‘simple truth tv, murder by numbers, king von’

    • Robert Mejia says:

      @mr jezzy brush 😂😂😂 durk grew up with all them niggas fym. Durk used to say zoo name way back in 12 and 13. And durk talked to von the whole time he was locked up and before that. Thats why yell fans don’t know nothing. 600, 300, and oblong and a few other blocks grew up together. Everybody know everybody. Yell are dumb as for even starting all this nonsense. If durk was really on that folksnem wouldn’t even be hanging with durk and durk would be dead. So if durk really sacrificing his niggas then why only 2 die so far? So two homes die that he signed and its called a sacrifice? Yall dumb asf. Yell need to keep them heads in a book and stay off the streets.

    • Robert Mejia says:

      @Ew Muva You dumb for believing that 😂😂😂😂 thats like one out of the thousand reasons yall got. Bitch you gone be a sacrifice for youtube if yall keep playing with durknem. Onbdn

  9. Chris On Clawシ says:

    Not just because Von died but he went hard ngl

  10. Daniel Burlacu says:

    King von was too good for us!!!💙💙💙🖤
    He went to party in sky with pop smoke, juice wrld, nipsey, xxx tentacion

  11. girlhefunnyaf44 says:

    Florida boys 🔥🔥

  12. Shashwat Choudhary says:

    King Von lived 26 years but his life was amazing he did stuff people dream of doing
    Don’t forget he went out a legend

  13. pepeboomin says:

    Booka is so underrated #LOYAL

  14. WSHH ENT says:

    “The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will” – the Voice 🐐💯

  15. Allan Pineda says:

    I’m so angry they took Von. Shit hurts to see him leave early

  16. Jesus Amezcua says:

    imagine if von survived the shooting and how fire crazy story 4 would’ve been

  17. Johnny Bravo says:

    “That’s yo man’s u tryna uplift, but when its war time ain gone do shit” smh rip von he knew niggas around him wasnt on go like him..

  18. Truly Makel says:

    these young brothas be full of potential, but yall be so entertained by their lifestyle that yall hype them to stay on Demon Time. then when they die yall be in comments talkin bout how sad yall are. its a sick cycle 💯

  19. pinky! says:

    still can’t believe he dead man RIP Grandson

  20. Chason Earls says:

    “caught that boy dissing lil boo now he dead “ – he talking about fbg duck

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