Lil Durk Reacts to NBA Youngboy Meltdown ‘How Can I use Him for Promo when Im Going to Outsell him”

Lil Durk Reacts to NBA Youngboy Meltdown ‘How Can I use Him for Promo when Im Going to Outsell him”

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51 Responses

  1. 5M views says:

    Ngl AK you made yourself seem like instigator more than a mediator in this interview 🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s almost like YOU want him to beef with Youngboy 😂

    • Zetsu Tsuletsu says:

      Thats how AK got to where he is now…..

    • GoldenEye says:

      He does how you think AK got so big? 😂

    • picasso babyy says:

      Bro every beef/diss he talk about he wish he could sit down wit one of them like this. Especially the Drake/Pusha T … Wayne/Thugga … JayZ/Kanye … etc lotta the podcasters now have watched what this man do and emulate it in their own way. Not taking shit from them but he BEEN doing this on a small scale and got big! Hate or not his analysis has longevity.

  2. Mike 1 says:

    Durkio really know how to portray himself infront of them cameras LOL


    DURK interviews be funny af 😂but he be so dead serious

  4. E_AR says:

    ak just keeps mentioning yb and tryna instigate beef but durk not falling for it💯

  5. BySheeesh says:

    The underlying coolest thing about this interview is these two got here because each of other in a way. 🔥

  6. Blxykos says:

    Ak inserted himself into this beef and is gonna act like a victim when sht hits the fan 🤣🤦

  7. ZMS says:

    This guy is using every trick in the box, but Durk is too far ahead to catch up.

  8. LEGITBENNN says:

    This interview made me look at dirk different, he ain’t slow and he smart with the trolling. Dirks an engineering genius 🤣😂

  9. Pedro Gabriel Mestre Cobas says:

    “they are like females” gotta be the most accurate description for yb fans

  10. Overlord says:

    YB had to log off Twitter for the sake of his sanity, he’s probably spent the last 8 hours screaming into the mic. Gonna be the first person to drop a 50 minute long diss track

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