Lil Duval & The Breakfast Club Roast The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte

Lil Duval & The Breakfast Club Roast The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte

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20 Responses

  1. Jack Stevehill says:

    If you’re a woman in your mid 30s without a kid and a ring, hold this L. You failed in life.

  2. Dexter Thompson says:

    Fellas stay in the house raise and love your daughters… My goodness smh

  3. ihavelargepores says:

    This is what happens when women don’t value themselves and don’t have anyone in their lives that tell them they are valued.
    I’m confused, can you not walk away? You find out the guy has someone, is he forcing you to stay? A damn shame

  4. Incredible Tahj says:

    As Black folks we admire the dumbest shit instead of Waking each other Up White Supremacist are Like their going to Love this one Next it’s GOING to be REAL Mr. Moms of Atlanta

  5. jjayphilly says:



  6. Fredo Santana says:

    The Real Prostitutes of Charlotte😂😂😂

  7. Grizz D says:

    Men be there for your kids and don’t cheat on your women. We need to be role models. We better than this.

  8. Jeremiah Davis says:

    this hoe named Brittany brickz with a z and she calling them the squares she built like a fork

  9. Tamera Campbell says:

    Y’all ain’t do this with Bernice tho🤔 you was kissing her ass …

  10. Uroojis Tariq says:

    When Charlamagne started rapping ‘White Privelege’ LOOOOOL.. moving like a broken toy

  11. Kasmine Roach says:

    “My mom still lives in a trailer.”

    Charlemagne: “Well that’s your fault!”

    I’m cryinggggg!!

  12. Ree says:

    This shit is fucking embarassing af…. The fact that media thinks this much of women is ridiculous. Some things don’t need to be televised. Next it will be the Real Downlow Brothers of ATL. Anything to make ppl of color look bad. They can’t put any more college shows on though smfh. Yee was entertaining this bullshit too. Just Because Rihanna posted it, doesn’t mean its right Yee 😕😒

  13. F*ckWitMeYouKnowIgotIt says:

    This interview makes me not wanna have ANY daughters. Fellas if you have children, daughters specifically… love them and keep them close. Jesus…. this is sad.

  14. Aaron Campbell says:

    These women are somebody’s daughters smh…. They daddies somewhere watching this weeping lol

  15. KingCetshwayo says:

    12:20 “Plies been running through you for years”

    I laughed so fucking hard. 😂

  16. PG13 says:

    BECKY can get that WORK tho

  17. _%Wolf poetryTay says:

    Already knew yee was a thot. Everybody in New York including the rats knows that.

  18. Taz J says:

    Charlemagne said “Your grandfather was a slave master & he did what?” 😂😂

  19. Charlie Swagga says:

    Why all the side chicks look like hoes?!

  20. Christina NaCole says:

    Wait! How old is Angela Lee? 50? 🤔

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