Lil Mosey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lil Mosey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lil Mosey goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about lining up for Air Jordans, how his brother got him into sneakers, and why the Balenciaga Triple S is his favorite sneaker to wear everyday.

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69 Responses

  1. Complex says:

    How many pairs of white air force 1s do you keep in rotation?

  2. ツSnøwyy says:

    Lil mosey:we had him run to the store
    He ran in that bih

    Me:ran in da bih with that tech uh uhhh

  3. BestInPlayz ! says:

    Yo when he’s offf the drugs I can actually hear what he saying

  4. J Hipp says:

    Mosey: Flashin some cash
    Also Mosey: dID u sCan ThaT CorRectlLy?

  5. Exotic says:

    I’m glad he’s not doing drugs anymore. Because you can understand him now when he talks!

  6. Josh Laurente says:

    Lil Mosey: Yeah im going on tour US soon

    Covid-19: *Are you sure about that?

  7. Nemcheeks says:

    No they scanned it correctly, just everything was overpriced by a lot 😂

  8. William Wilson says:

    Said he was gonna cash out then complains when he about to pay 😂

  9. Thiện Minh Vũ says:

    WokE uP LiKe DuH MaN until you asked “you scan that correctly? ” xDDDD

  10. Long Dick says:

    Joe had the most heat on feet he just never kno how to put it together with the grandpa drip gear

  11. Natalie mejia says:

    Why yall hateing on him? Saying “he sounds like a 5 year old” he sounds like that like because he has grillz every rapper that has grillz sounds like there mumbling or stuttering

  12. Gabby Park says:

    “You sure you didn’t scan the same shoe twice”

  13. bnet says:

    Boy got pissed of after the purchase, you can see he didn’t enjoy that it was forced

  14. Radian says:

    “You ready for tours?”

    Mosey: “Yeah.”

    Corona Virus: *”No.”*

  15. RagE_Trid3nt says:

    lil mosey: “yeah man, we goin on like 35 shows in the US.”
    CORONA: OkAy BuDdY

  16. GC Preme says:


    Lil Mosey when he cops sneakers: Goddamn, I feel like the man

  17. Jules says:

    Props to the editors that show the shoes that they wearing during the interview

  18. Jair Pavia says:

    Mosey:*buys hand sanitizer*
    Cashier:”that would be 200$”
    Mosey:”did you scan that correctly”

  19. icyyxbxby says:

    why he looked so down after his purchase tho clearly he didn’t want to

    • Anthony_2JZ says:

      icyyxbxby he clearly didn’t want to pay 3k for 4 pairs of shoes 😭 I could’ve bought like 20 pairs with that much money

  20. rizz_flu says:

    Now people gonna make memes with
    “You scanned that correctly?”

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