Lil Mosey – Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

Lil Mosey – Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

Lil Mosey – Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna)
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49 Responses

  1. Trey Negrete says:

    Whats different about this dude vs other rappers nowadays. Sorry naw

  2. B San says:

    Lil Mosey: Aight we need need a beat

    Gunna: *searches gunna X lil baby type beat

  3. FlingelEU says:

    Royce: what should youre new song be about
    Mosey: ya know i be dreamin’
    Mosey: pured the lean got me stuck in a dream
    If yall know who Royce is like?

  4. K4M4 says:

    Mosey in XXL Cypher: “Never poppin’ Xans”, Mosey now: “Still poppin’ Xans, 2019”

    I also bassboosted this, btw

  5. Dri Dri says:

    Your peen will grow 5 inches like to activate

  6. Kenneth says:

    I’m 110% here before this shit ends up on the radio

  7. محمد الربيعي says:

    Did anyone notice the truck 0:51

  8. Elizabeth Chavez says:

    This is how much you like/love Lil mosey


  9. Original_Eddy_ says:

    So this is what lil mosey is doing when he’s not waking up like the man

  10. Bob Mah-lee says:

    Ngl can’t understand shit mosey was saying… Still fye fye ?

  11. Birt Marchs says:

    Do u like lil mosey?

    Yes – like
    No – comment

  12. Kohul T says:

    Can Mosey recover from that XXL freestyle? Good song but I can’t forget about I woke up like da man

  13. Blu says:

    Lil Mosey probably woke up from the dream and felt like the man

  14. Marcel Stackhouse says:

    Who ready for CTM⭐️?

    Like to release album ??

  15. Mykk • says:

    I was lowkey waiting to hear “Run dat back Turbo!” But Aye Royce you did it right here fr! fr! ???

  16. Fire Beatz says:

    Damn! Royce Whatchu been doing lately??

  17. keithson Burnette says:

    I dont care what nobody say this song fire asf???

  18. GabesWrldd says:

    a guy who had the worst cypher and the guy who didnt do a cypher

  19. Cindy Camba says:

    who’s still waiting for lil mosey to drop an album ? ?
    like ⬇️

  20. Tony Hernandez says:

    Dime mosey got lot of girls

    ?this is how much girls he can get when he wants one

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