Lil Skies Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Lil Skies Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

Young rising hip-hop star Lil Skies has a ton of face tattoos and his mom doesn’t like them, so he tattooed her name on his face so she would approve.
Lil Skies’ Debut Album Shelby Out Now:

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Lil Skies Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

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68 Responses

  1. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    The tattoo on his back is actually awesome

    He seems really happy with all of them 🙂

  2. LeBeautiful says:

    Red roses. That back tattoo once done going to be a *masterpiece.*

  3. taylor midwaal says:

    Use Me As a It Hurts Bruh i Ain’t Gon Lie Button

  4. Aniceto Chavez says:

    Saw him and Wiz in south padre this year ??

  5. Swophie says:

    i think his tattoos don’t look very good but he seems really pleased with them so that’s all that matters really

  6. Anthony Nero says:

    Still want that lil skies x juice wrld collab

  7. Jacob Dial says:

    About time been waiting on him to explain all his new Tats

  8. TheMedved07 says:

    One of the most amazing and genuine “Lil” rappers, mad props to Skies.

  9. Makovey.11 says:

    “All my tattoos are meaningful”……

    “I got this cause it’s my favourite cuss word”

  10. Tainy Cantlie says:

    He seems like a scientist compared to Lil Pump.

  11. Isaiah G says:

    Atleast he is up lifted by his tattoos not depressed talking about them like most rappers ?‍♂️?‍♂️?

  12. Curt G says:

    “I got the number 16 cause its like my favorite number”…

  13. Big Schwabel says:

    They actually censored the nipples of his backpiece on the thumbnail lol

  14. Jayden Bailey says:

    Skies looks like a 2k player who just just discovered there’s tattoos in the game

  15. 蔡達霆 says:

    Could someone tell him Cold heart and genius on his face are actually CHINESE

  16. struck wonder says:

    He thinks it’s Japanese but it’s Chinese fr.

  17. Stealth says:

    About time he appeared here… Now sneaker shopping with Complex and I’ll be happy.

  18. findoca 1 says:

    I swear he always starts every interview with the tat on his shoulder

  19. Ergile says:

    “This one doesn’t actually mean anything, this guy just pulled up to my crib or whatever and he was like “Yo i really wanna do this one.” and I was like aight, bet.”

    what a heart touching story, i cried…

  20. Pat Sal says:

    “All my tattoos are meaningful”……

    “I got 16 right here because it’s one of my favorite numbers”

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