Lil Skies – Breathe [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Breathe [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Breathe [Official Video]

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Lil Skies + Lil Pump on tour now:

Tour Dates:
May 20 – El Paso, TX
May 22 – Los Angeles, CA

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49 Responses

  1. I Beat My Meet says:

    Whos is better?
    Lil Skies Breath – Like
    DJ Khaled Wish Wish- Comment

  2. Dorpion says:

    Nicholas Jandora been killing it lately, so underrated!

  3. Geo Snipez says:

    Everyone appreciate his mom, for bringing such a talented child to us… Love you lil skies

  4. Dorpion says:

    You just been turned gay by James Charles
    ??like to undo

  5. Dorpion says:

    this is how many times u listen to lil skies in one day

  6. Its fax z says:

    If you click the like button 2 times, it will turn *GRAY*
    Try it…

  7. Setup11 presents says:

    Real fans here before 1 Million views!
    Press like if you’re a real fan

  8. Echo Sloth says:

    favorite song on the album ???
    amazing music video

  9. Colder says:

    BRO you’re so underrated, you’re my favorite rapper.

  10. Wesley Demmon says:

    This is the best video you have made bro?quality looking amazing❤️

  11. Flesh says:

    I see Skies I click??❤❤

  12. Chinny on the beat says:

    Make this blue if you like lil skies album ???❄️❄️❤️

  13. Billy Godoy says:

    Me: Help my house is on fire

    911: Lil Skies again

    Me: Yessir

  14. Echo YT says:

    who was were before 1 mil views?

  15. Griffex says:

    I’m a simple man, I see Skies and I click

  16. Styli says:

    *Lil Skies* is a a *young creative genius* and I know if I keep working hard, one day my music will get this big!
    *Remember This Comment* ??❤️

  17. RighteouSinner says:

    *All I need is one chance.. to help make a difference with my Music and change the world…*

  18. Zucchini says:

    No one :

    Literally no one :

    Lil skies : falls into water 3 times…

  19. 42,069 Subs With Zero Videos?? says:

    Real fans here before 1 Million views!
    Press like if you’re a real fan

  20. Fex Beats says:

    This just burned down my house! Too much heat! ??

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