Lil Skies Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lil Skies Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Lil Skies goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Rif in Los Angeles and talks about his love for Air Force 1s, style influences from Lil Wayne and keeping Yeezys on ice.

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44 Responses

  1. Complex says:

    What would you get on your own custom Air Force 1?

  2. Lil Maxø says:

    how could people hate skies i dont get it , he’s so chill & out the mix ??‍♂️

  3. ybn _5 says:

    Rick from pawn stars goes sneaker shopping

    Cashier: Your total is $275
    Rick: I can’t go higher than $150

  4. aarons_picks says:

    “We had to travel…to a mall…like 15-20 min away” ???

    • Chase Miller says:

      The malls that are close to wayesboro are serious trash, he said if you wanna get anything decent you gonna have to travel some hours

  5. ASTRO-LA-FLAME says:

    When he said “I want him to sign a pair one day” I felt that about my Travis Scott 1’s ? One day hopefully

  6. Voltage says:

    this man really said hes a low top kind of guy and walked out with 2 jordan 1s

    • Exposure Logistics Ltd says:

      Voltage cause they were just released and saying you live something doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t rock the high tops but that he prefers low tops. Both he bought were recent releases

    • Elias Afshar says:

      He got the Travis Scott’s just cuz that’s his favorite artist

  7. Justin Scott says:

    Everybody’s saying “Skies said he doesn’t like high tops but got 2 pair” bruh, he’s collecting them ?

  8. Charles Yung says:

    Lil Skies: I be messing with kids

    Officer: How high are you?

    Lil Skies: *No officer its hi how are you*

  9. Jared Hernandez says:

    Skies: I’m a low top guy

    Skies again: buys 2 pairs of high top Jordan’s

  10. Its me Spongebob says:

    Lil skies: How high should i get before we start filming

    Joe: Yes

  11. Jack Fox says:

    This is how many people want to see someone’s card decline

  12. Nicholas brice says:

    I love how everybody comments the same thing.

  13. Angelo Villavicencio says:


  14. J Ay says:

    Ngl from the thumbnail I thought that was 6ix9ine

  15. DUCKY MOMO says:

    “Maybe he’ll do the show one day” poor joe wants Travis on this show so bad ?

  16. Benya's Kicks says:

    DaBaby goes sneaker shopping, make it happen complex

  17. King Kardashian says:

    *Complex:* (Goes on YouTube)

    *Complex:* mkay.. Let’s see who’s trending in music.. hmm one little skies

  18. UnFaZed ed says:

    Yo complex you should do THEWEEKND GOES SNEAKER SHOPPING for next vid or something

  19. ASAP GOD says:

    He was really humble about his purchase knowing he got money money.

  20. SG 10 says:

    Officer: Are you high right now?

    Skies: I be messin wit kids

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