Lil Skies – Going Off [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Going Off [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Going Off [Official Video]

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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.

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52 Responses

  1. Cnqxz says:

    I lowkey thought Drake was in this song at the beginning

  2. S.F.N DripBoy Ish MUSIC says:

    Who Ever’s reading this you’ll be rich ?

    No need to like, go head keep scrolling ??

  3. J Cadney says:

    Who needs a beat like this one ?? just dropped one inspired by this song?

  4. Lotto TV says:

    Travis Scott would go crazy in a remix of this

  5. Mr Dark says:

    Landon: yo skies you want to do this music together?
    Skies: nah I don’t think so but you can walk on the clip.

  6. Hella Pain says:

    Producer: How good do you want the song to be?

    Lil skies: yes

  7. yung fat says:

    We need another lil skies album on 2019

  8. Chris AM says:

    On god he never disappoints ??‍♂️?? ALL HITS ?

  9. Everyth1ngSG says:

    911: 911 what’s your emergency?
    Me: I need the fire department….
    911: Why, sir?
    Me: Uhhh Lil skies just dropped a new song?
    911: Ah shit, here we go again.

  10. DerreGBeatz says:

    Skies escaped from area 51. He always killin all the beats???

  11. Alex Alario says:

    Lil skies : Yo gnar!

    Gnar : Whats good skies let’s make anotha hit!

    Skies : Nah just smoke on the scene of my new vid

  12. Cluee says:

    I was like: Oh Gnar is going to be fire…

    But for real guys, this is fire??

  13. The Knew Age says:

    This go hard✨✨ Him and WordRounBlock would be fire onna track

  14. Max_lp btw says:

    Lil Skies releasing a new song-

    Im going off like I got nothing to lose

  15. SoAccurate says:

    Lil skies and juice wrld collab would be a banger!?

  16. Ashlee T-M says:

    Producers: how many special effects do you want?
    Skies: yes.

  17. FaZe Neo says:

    *Which celebrity is better*

    *Lil Skies – like*
    *Blueface – comment*

  18. Texhr says:

    your crush just kissed you….

    like to activate 😉

  19. Andres Wolf says:

    This would blow up so hard if it was posted on Lyrical Lemonade

  20. Ally Claudia says:

    This how many people who were here before 1mil

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