Lil Skies – Stop The Madness feat. Gunna [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Stop The Madness feat. Gunna [Official Video]

Lil Skies – Stop The Madness feat. Gunna [Official Video]

“Shelby” Out Now !

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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.

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58 Responses

  1. soccer fan1345 says:

    Lil Skies: Stop the Madness

    Me: Stop the Madness of these fire videos ?

  2. Kyree Mcelrath says:

    This is one hell of a transition from the “i” video, I thought he was depressed

  3. TUDO says:

    Lil Skies: *throws chair*

  4. Sxpreme says:

    this video is nuts but i like it. lil skies the best rapper out there !—?

  5. 5150 Trey says:

    This is the collaboration I never knew I needed ?

  6. Taha Yazici says:

    Yesterday I saw a Freestyle Video of him which was filmed 6 years ago..

  7. Davi says:



  8. Blu says:

    Here before 367k and 1mil views
    Now we need a music video for Blue Strips

  9. Alisson Cabral says:

    Dois dos melhore na nova geração ❤️??‍♂️??????

  10. Lover boy Ant says:

    Here before 1 million squad where you at?!?!!

  11. Boy Sg says:

    Keep going Bro lil skies I like you are music keep going more ❤️???❤️?❤️?Every day doing my new music bro

  12. Krigare says:

    0:58 is highkey the best part of this song, he should do more aggressive stuff

  13. Olivia Moorman says:

    Just how I imagined it to be another BANGER???

  14. Saul Duran says:



  15. THE REAL JACOB JG says:

    this song has more bars than 6ix9ine’s jail cell

  16. Crystal Kerstal says:

    This song is too??? to end up doing a whatever type of video for it. Nicholas or Cole would of done a way better job.

  17. tim acorn says:

    Hard to find an album w/o a gunna feature these days…proud o my boi ??

  18. nicki bri says:

    Who else thinks Shelby is a good album? —?

  19. Qwerty Ytrewq says:

    *Skies throws chair*


  20. Leopold Valdez says:

    Hey all, if you wanna catch a VIBE ? and be taken somewhere else, this is for you! I’m an EDM artist that is always searching for chill vibrations. When I was very young I always wanted to make music, but i never thought it would be possible for me (we we’re very poor) so I gave up on my dream… Until many years later I got the courage to save up for a keyboard and give it my all, that’s when it all started. Over the years I’ve been working on my craft, so I can bring the best vibes to your soul. Because it was certain music that uplifted my spirit and took me away from the pains in life. And I wanna be that artist for somebody. To make music that you can escape through, or vibe and smoke too. If you read this, thank you, you are amazing!!! I wish you are blessed ???

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