Lil Tecca feat. Juice WRLD – Ransom (Official Audio)

Lil Tecca feat. Juice WRLD – Ransom (Official Audio)

Prod. Nick Mira & Taz Taylor


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61 Responses

  1. Spaze Voidz says:

    2 goats in one song ?. I really love both of y’all, keep killing it ?

  2. NovaBrxky says:

    You will be rich someday ?

    No like to activate bs, YOU WILL BE RICH SOMEDAY

  3. Gnome Fn says:

    My 2 favorite artist in this track is this heaven?

  4. Emerson Anson Greene says:


    Imdontai when he experienced heat: “IM FINNA… IM FINNA, EEEEEUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!”

  5. oscar_le fou60 says:

    The song of 2019 you become famous with this song bro

  6. Kkubaowo says:

    Imagine if tecca did a live show but he was actually hyped

    Yeah not happening

  7. CLIX Scoot says:

    Girlfriend: let’s have tacos for dinner

    Juice wrld: I got hard I got soft what you want

  8. Wipe Me Off says:

    Stop looking at comments and focus on the song

  9. Josh Okoruwa says:

    This is dope because he said he was inspired by juice wrld in his interview, loving this tecca

  10. Nick Davis says:

    You will have 10 years of good luck with your crush ❤️

  11. Oasis Myth says:

    This song is on my playlist for the second time lol

  12. SC4RY says:

    My favorite artist hopping on my favorite song…


  13. FCG Echo says:

    One of my friends said “they see me throwing up now they want a song”??

  14. BlynK says:

    I saw this on juices instagram and i immediately searched it up

  15. Farhan says:

    This is dope cause he said he got inspired by Juice Wrld

  16. Cornford says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Sven almost died last episode…

  17. Khalood 55555 says:

    juice wrld: “tecca take you for ransom me i put you in a coffin”

    daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnn !!!!!

  18. Digay Kengoum says:

    My mans went from lookin up to juice wrld to collabing with him

  19. USKids says:

    You will get $1,000,000 in less than 10 years

    Press to activate

  20. Namii Tv says:

    *I didn’t know anyone better for this song except Juice Wrld*

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