Lil Tecca – Out Of Love (Official Audio)

Lil Tecca – Out Of Love (Official Audio)

Prod. Nick Mira x Taz Taylor x Repko x TheSkyBeats & Saint Luca


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#LilTecca #OutOfLove

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70 Responses

  1. Lil Tecca says:

    ❤️ # Virgo World

  2. Wiz iOS says:

    Claim your “here before tiktok ruins the song” card here


  3. Blooo says:

    imagine, Lil tecca, lil tjay, and the kid laroi
    we already have laroi and tecca
    laroi and tjay
    Tecca and Tjay
    now we need all

  4. Jabs says:

    It’s my love, it’s your love, it’s our love. man tecca is the goat

  5. Jr_ Skates says:

    Who’s here before a mill?👇

  6. Thomas Brueland says:

    Claim ur ”here before tiktok takes it” card here

  7. jaxify says:

    Use me as a “This song is so good but it’s going to get overused on tik tok” button.

  8. EZ EZ says:

    Fuck tik tok

  9. Josh LâSupreme says:

    Who else ?

  10. Rotes Sucuk says:

    I am here before Tiktok ruins this song.

  11. Maybe Pog says:

    Who else instantly presses replay after the song ended 😳

  12. It’s- Me says:

    Claim your here before 1M badge❤️

  13. Khalaf Karim says:

    Who’s here before a million?🥰😍

    Yo the song is a bop👌🔥

  14. OGLOK says:

    2019: out of luck

    2020: out of love

  15. Xanty _ says:

    This boy is so dedicated, talented and compassionate in music

  16. Kangaroo meat says:

    Tik tok is gonna ruin this I already know

  17. X says:

    I thought this was a leak but this is the real deal. This made my morning so much better

  18. Dawood Kaleemi says:

    Who came here because of his triller

  19. MZN_Dylan says:

    everyone who’s here

    take care

  20. Jada Bonney says:

    This should been out on Valentine’s Day!!!! This song a vibe!!! Okay lil tecca 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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