Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap (Official Video)

Lil Tjay – Clutchin My Strap (Official Video)

Lil Tjay “Clutchin My Strap” Out Now:

Official video for Lil Tjay “Clutchin My Strap”

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17 Responses

  1. Harry Solomons says:

    Living legend what he’s achieved at such a young age is really quite remarkable such an inspiring young artist took 5shots no shame then to shoot an release a music video not even 2week later.. Now thats shits gangta absolute banger as always so much love for LilTjayyy mann 💙💙

  2. Fitterminal says:

    God bless you, Tjay. I’m glad you made it through.

  3. positive vibez says:

    Beyond grateful that Tjay still with us, the music industry truly wouldn’t be the same without him. Goes to show anything is possible just gotta stay strong and push through the hardships. It’s truly a blessing to be watching this right now. Tjay is simply built different 🙏💪

  4. Tenzi says:

    Tjay is kept alive for a reason ❤

  5. Kenna says:

    Put in years of work to get where he’s at, never stopped betting on himself. That’s ill ass fuck! Me as an underground artist, I love seeing success stories like Baby. He gives me constant encouragement and belief in myself and what I’m trying to make. So happy for you Lil Tjay, you deserve this so much. Thank you for your consistency and tenacity🔥

  6. Fenkiez says:

    So happy Tjay is still here to make this kind of music for us 🙏

  7. Official Aydan says:

    This dude never misses. So glad Hes with us today, can’t wait for more hits.

  8. Whoods says:

    I met tjay in london and can speak for all of us that he is our favourite rapper🙏

  9. Solo says:

    Tjay album coming soon, we need it!

  10. True Fairfield says:

    So thankful Tjay is still here making bangers like this for us❤ we all hope you got better king 🙏🏽

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