Lil Tjay – Forever In My Heart [Official Video]

Lil Tjay – Forever In My Heart [Official Video]

Official video for “Forever In My Heart” by Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay ‘Destined 2 Win’ out now:

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48 Responses

  1. Calvin Spieth says:

    Tjay inspires everyone

  2. Crushroadmusic says:

    r.i.p to everyone who lost a loved one😪💪🏿🙏🏿

  3. EBK-_-TAHH says:

    For all the dumb kids it not supposed to rhyme word for word he’s just expressing his feelings….but 🔥🔥🔥keep the work up tjay

  4. ChapTheGod says:

    I don’t understand why Tjay has been getting so much hate, he puts his soul into every song and they always come out to be 🔥🔥🔥, but whatever you do there’s always gon be haters out there

  5. Mind Detergent Beats says:

    The GOAT is getting BETTER & BETTER everyday 🥺♥️

  6. Apex Channel SoonTM says:

    Bro the pain in his voice, RIP Smelly. Forever In Our Hearts

    • SM says:

      @R.G. Shmurda ngl listened to a few or your songs and they actually are really good bro but I think u should use less auto tune and maybe put yourself out on like Spotify so u gain more popularity but its actually really good lol bc usually when people say this u know like listen to my music it ain’t good but yours actually bangs when u make it to the top remember me bro much love

    • SM says:

      @R.G. Shmurda younget doing it is really good btw bc it’s not that much auto tune and bangs

    • R.G. Shmurda says:

      @SM i will remember you Saved in my screenshot !❤❤❤

    • SM says:

      @R.G. Shmurda also bro I was wondering like how do u do your music bc I have wanted to music as a side bc I do boxing but like do u have a studio or do u do it on your phone

  7. Splashy says:

    Tjay one of the realest rappers

  8. Manuel says:

    How to heal a broken heart (this is for those of you who are currently heartbroken):
    1. Thankful
    God is preparing the best plan for you, keeping you away from things that are not good and not good. So don’t be sad, just because you lost something that’s not necessarily good for you.
    2. Alone for a while
    Cry if it can ease the pain. It’s okay to be sad because it’s human, but don’t let it drag on in sadness. Remember the first point.
    3. Do positive things that make you happy
    Doing fun things will speed up the healing process of the wounds in your heart. There’s no point in lamenting what happened.
    4. Don’t look for someone as an outlet
    Basically the only one who can heal your heartache is yourself, not anyone else. It may exist but it’s only temporary, and it can make things worse if the person isn’t right. It could also be the other way around, you make the person who healed your wound hurt. Because when your wound heals you will leave.
    5. Enjoy your pain
    Just live what you are feeling right now, time will surely be fine. You just need time to adjust to your pain.

    • CallMeNoah says:

      it is like 1 year I am trying to feel better but actually it doesnt help

    • R.G. Shmurda says:

      *i hate this promoting stuff but Im a teen from brooklyn ny🙏🏾🗽 and on my grind for my family hope you respect that 💔 my music will put you in your feelins 💔*

    • Derek Savastano says:

      @CallMeNoah I pray u get through it bro im sorry for yo loss, Stay up till the golden gates brother life too short.

  9. Prod. By Mojo says:

    Tjay inspires me so much, I love this man and I hope we don’t lose him.

  10. Esai Givens says:

    Rip Smelly 🕊 u makin bro proud fasho

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