Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise [Official Music Video]

Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise [Official Music Video]

Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise
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42 Responses

  1. Aneeq Abrahams says:

    My Grandson:Grandad who is lil uzi vert

    Me:come here lil boy lemme tell you a story?

  2. d mil says:

    Uzi Fans: Where’s EA?

    Uzi: “i don’t know, i don’t know”

  3. CarBonRow says:

    This has been my SHIT this season…and they still aint playing it in them clubs T.T

  4. Cryptids152 says:

    While everyone questioning EA,
    Uzi was studying the blade
    2:50 “Master forgive me, but I’ll have to go all out… Just this once”

  5. Qm Steezy says:

    This is straight fire??…you inspire me a lot bruh

  6. Wayne Gerald says:

    Soulja boy: imma have the biggest comeback in 2019
    Lil uzi: hold my purse

  7. Kade Hutchinson says:

    So were just gonna pretend this isn’t the thriller of 2019 ?
    Uzi Jackson

  8. Nadun Lester says:

    Producer: how much 808’s you want

    Lil Uzi: YES!!!

  9. NeverNervous says:

    Lil Uzi Vert: You ever seen blade?

    Video producer: Say less.


    Wesley Snipes has joined the chat.

  11. Tudor Manta says:

    Directors: Uzi would you prefer a more creepy theme to this music video or girls dancing?
    Uzi: Yes

  12. slaughter me says:

    70% of this clip is just uzi vert lookin confused lmfao

  13. Chris Nevarez says:

    Lil uzi: drops an album even though it’s only his 3rd day out here

  14. Caleb Davis says:

    Why does lil Uzi keep looking more and more like a child?? ??

  15. Rolandr W says:

    If you’re reading this please continue to follow your dreams and keep praying for your opportunity! ????‍♂️?

  16. Kaleb says:

    Director: what kind of video u wanna do ?

    Uzi: u know the movie blade

    Director: say no more

  17. Christos Belibasakis says:

    Who else wanted to see him standing on his money ?

  18. Too Legit Kenny says:

    Plot twist new blade is coming out in 2020 and uzi just showed us a clip of the trailer ?

  19. A Joke says:

    Lil Uzi Vert came out with a halloween themed music vid in July.
    Fastest spook in the east

  20. Ya mum says:

    Lil Uzi looks like Blades younger cousin Safety Scissors

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