Lil Wayne: God knows I’ve been blessed…but I’ve never dealt with racism | UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne: God knows I’ve been blessed…but I’ve never dealt with racism | UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne discusses Colin Kaepernick’s protest with Skip and Shannon; and talks about his own experiences with race in the United States.

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, and moderated by Joy Taylor. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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20 Responses

  1. jyu467 says:

    Skip to lil Wayne, “You’re a deep thinker”. lol

  2. Vader...You Seek Vader! says:

    I can relate to Wayne to a certain extent. I too have live in the south
    (Florida) my entire life and can honesty say that I have never experienced
    racism or any negative experiences from law enforcement. I do realize that
    it does exist though.

  3. manansis86 says:

    Lol dude not trying to lose any fans. Playing it safe.

  4. adrenaline says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but I love Wayne’s answer. For the new
    millennials like myself I am 26 white guy I grew up listening to rap and
    never thought once about racism, unfortunately some of us were born into
    this racist world. I do look back at the 60s and before and see the
    segregation and it makes me sick like how could this shit even happen? But
    it gives me a migraine even seeing some comments on the internet I believe
    the worse comes out of SOME people on the internet that’s why I don’t even
    look at the comments anymore cause some of it makes me sick. But in terms
    of REAL LIFE experience, shit I live near Detroit and I’ve never
    experienced racism myself first hand. But I know for sure it still exists.
    But honestly if it’s someone younger like me, that was taught from an
    earlier generation.

  5. mayhem mayhem says:

    why is people upset because he never dealt with racism ? you should be
    happy that he didn’t

  6. Joe Lackey says:

    “You’re a deep thinker on these issues….”

  7. Acousticfreak says:

    I am not a fan of his music but I loved his comments and thank him for his
    honesty and I have a new respect for Lil Wayne. I am white and I grew up in
    Utah watching Michael Jordan and wanting be like him. I also love watching
    Barry Sanders as well. I never saw color I just saw people. When people
    said he is black or he is white it did not make sense to be because I never
    saw color. In my high school there were only a few people of color it was
    mostly caucasian. I never thought of them as the “black kids” I know racism
    still exists but I feel like there are SO many people out there that are
    not racist, who are kind to all people no matter their race. Let’s come
    together at a nation and a world and not focus our attention on those
    racist people for even a minute. The “white” community needs to join
    together with all people of color and if there is a injustice against
    anyone of color we can all fight corruption and racism together and that it
    will bring us closer as human beings. Hopefully racism will die and become
    a thing of the past.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot
    drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Dr. Martin Luther King

  8. YouHateMe says:

    Wayne, of all people kept it real. Blacks wanna pretend they’ve experienced
    racism when in fact they haven’t. Most haven’t. Niggas piggyback off of
    other ppls so called racism trying to act like it’s theirs. Wayne kept it

  9. Armando Kozomara says:

    I’m 22 I haven’t experienced any white teens or white people in their 20’s
    being racist towards blacks so I think they’re on point. watch racism
    decline big time once today’s old racist bastards are dead and gone

  10. Orlanzo says:

    Why are some people mad? Not every single black person in the US has first
    hand experienced racism,discrimination,or have had bad experiences with
    police, that doesnt mean we dont know it exist and are fully aware of it.
    Honestly ive never experienced it first hand either but i still know its a
    very real thing that happens all the time.

  11. Domo Gotti says:

    they should’ve brought up that George Bush song.. he clearly knows racism
    is alive by that song.

  12. DomisLive NEWS says:

    *The white people smiling like everything cool · But I know people that
    died in that pool. I know people that died in them schools – Lil Wayne

  13. Jeremy B (Jeremathy) says:

    7:30 punk tried to embarrass Wayne! Reporter was OWNED by love, Wayne’s
    story destroys this reporters obvious uptight racial agenda! ?

  14. Aluta Continua says:

    Lost all respect for this MOFO. Rest in Peace 2Pac

  15. 2Coo 2kJunky says:

    Im a black man and honestly, fuck black lives matter and anyone who
    supports that fraud ass movement…them ignorant niggas swear they care
    about the lives of black people, but never protest over black on black
    crimes, and be quick to crucify those who can’t relate with their
    struggles…but as soon as a white person does or says something outta
    line, then they wanna act like unified victims and shit ??? the
    contradictions never end…salute to Wayne for not falling in that trap
    tho. At the end of the day, them white folks are the ones putting food on
    his table. Not these self hating niggas that don’t even buy music

  16. rpnp2 says:

    As a 30yr westcoast boy that’s mixed… never dealt with real racism
    personally either..

    I work with an (late 50s) older black man that swears he gets followed
    everywhere by police in his porche and constantly watched because he’s a
    black guy in an expensive car.

    everyday the guy passes me on the freeway doing 100mph after work.

  17. kevin “mercurial” hernandez says:

    I love how they’re race baiting the fuck out of him in this interview and
    he’s like NOPE.

  18. Kha Lee says:

    Remember what Morgan Freeman said about racism. “Stop talking about it.”

  19. Micha EL says:

    Why the fuck is there a politics show on a sports channel !

  20. Luis Gutierrez says:

    Nice way to tip toes and hopscotch that interview. I do not pay any