Lil Wayne – Piano Trap & Not Me (Official Video)

Lil Wayne – Piano Trap & Not Me (Official Video)

Lil Wayne – Piano Trap & Not Me (Official Video)

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59 Responses

  1. Psychow Berry says:

    Wayne is NOT normal 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Savory Basil says:

    When wayne raps he takes every word from artist that wanted to drop a mixtape leaving em with writers block .ATTENTION RAPPERS DONT LISTEN B4 YOU WRITE YOUR MIXTAPE.😂😂😂START OVER!!

  3. Jacob Jackson says:

    “Leave it looking like January 2nd July 5th”
    -That’s a Mess.

  4. ill 8085 says:

    Not Me such an underrated hard ass song 💯

  5. SauceUp713 Ayye says:

    “Ima thank god that im not a statistic” 💯💯

  6. Joshua Nkwantabisa says:

    Lil Wayne has reached self actualization stage and he just does it for the fun and not the money. G.O.A.T

  7. Léandre Peck says:

    When you cross out CMB 😂 it’s just Young Money.

  8. Ethan Sennett says:

    Yoooo he’s reinventing himself into a new version of his old self 🤔 I could just be way too fried…
    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Flavio Mendonça says:

    is crazy, I look at him and I can see uzi, thugger, and so many more… this guy inspire a whole genre

  10. Vic Anah says:

    He looks so happy man. That’s all we care about.

  11. Taiwan Sanders says:

    Lil’ Wayne is a legend. Still go that venomous flow.

  12. SayntpFazhion says:

    This song is so fire by Lil Wayne I see that Wayne be spitting that fire he is on another level when it comes to bars he got that bar for bar going on for real for real keep it up and keep those great vids coming as always peace and stay blessed bro.

  13. Ghxst Gaming says:

    “Call up my phone and my service was down, sorry I ain’t been on earth in a while.”

  14. Jonathan Rolland says:

    I’m from the N.O. Seeing Wayne back then to now it’s incredible to have been able to watch him grow. He is a lyrical genius and legend. Much respect ✊🏻 to Weezy.

  15. Zenande Zilwa says:

    ‘”I’ve been keepin’ it quiet but loud
    I’ve been keepin’ it private but proud
    I’ve been treatin’ the fire like flowers
    I’ve been keepin’ it silent but, “Pow””

  16. ThePaceVlog says:

    I remember watching him try skate years ago and he was terrible 😂 His actually sick now though. Fair play

  17. Nas Bakar says:

    The people who disliking this🔥, should put their thumbs some where else 😬.

  18. love is love says:

    Lil Wayne the only person who makes skateboarding look Kool otherwise from Tony Hawk. Bless up from Jamaica

  19. Dre Kelley says:

    Wayne gone be 70 years still killing verses. Rapping about grandkids and hard candy and sh it. Still killing rappers

  20. UNDEFEATED 2K says:

    Yea I agree he’s seems to be happy and that all that matters, most of you have to understand that he’s just leaving the life he always wanted to live. A thug surrounded by killers his house life, all he ever wanted to do was rap ans skate smh I’m happy for him, life your truth brother

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