Lil Wayne Talks Tha Carter V and Memorizing His Own Song Lyrics for Performances

Lil Wayne Talks Tha Carter V and Memorizing His Own Song Lyrics for Performances

Lil Wayne talks about the five-year-long drama behind the release of his album Tha Carter V and admits he is still studying and memorizing his album lyrics, since he never writes them down when recording.

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Lil Wayne Talks Tha Carter V and Memorizing His Own Song Lyrics for Performances


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78 Responses

  1. King Dave says:

    The original lil, the other is fake af

  2. Malcolm Morgan says:

    I love Wayne but his dreadlocks look like hanging poop

  3. Eelis Liimatta says:

    Damn jimmy really forgot to mention the x feature? 4:40

  4. LegendaryAce says:

    He is one classy individual. Has over 1500 songs.. more than every other rapper combined…and all tell a unique story.

  5. theamandacarreiro says:

    Wayne’s voice is so nostalgic for me. He was the GOAT when I was in highchool, the Carter III was on repeat?and so has the V

  6. Ezzy Money says:

    A perfect example of being on top and so humble to stay grounded and appreciate what it took to get there.

  7. andrewchen425 says:

    Yo man…low key his fashion has influenced most of today’s rappers

    • trillmatic waves says:

      andrewchen425 he pioneered an entire new sub genre of hip hop (mumble rap) at the same time influenced some of today’s hottest lyricist (Kendrick, Cole, Drake etc.)

    • W - says:

      I agreee but a lot of what he’s wearing now is skate influenced, the simple Dior t and the five panel hat and the camp pants with the cuf. Has huge skater influence , and can’t forget the fanny pack and shoes

    • andrewchen425 says:

      W – yea for sure the style he has now has been heavily influenced by like rock, skater culture, etc. but he popularized it within the rap genre I feel. Esp like some people already said with the new gen mumble rappers. Him, Kanye, Pharrell and some others def responsible for making dressing well accepted within a once heavily “gangsterfied” rap culture (looks wise I mean. Baggy pants, ridiculously oversized white tees). I just think his influence isn’t as appreciate as say Kanye’s or Pharrell’s for example. But I don’t think he contributed less than them

    • Maximilian Petite says:


    • Red AF says:

      His fashon his flow everything. These new niggas all weezy sons

  8. Ricky Rodriguez says:

    Watching Lil Wayne healthy and happy again is great its been such a good year for Rap with both my favorite artist coming out with and album of great work, can’t wait to see where Wayne goes next ?

  9. Omillo Adams says:

    If anyone knows Wayne dude is highly intelligent

  10. Brock Lee says:

    I really liked uproar, Mona Lisa and don’t cry. Fye!?

  11. Mason says:

    If u don’t love little Wayne as a rapper u have to at least love him as a person, he’s like everyone’s young hip uncle

  12. Stacii Bella says:

    Thanks Lil Wayne for reminding the world how real rap is done. G.O.A.T

  13. Mr. Zirch says:

    Like Wayne and Eminem are the best alive.

    • Joseph Blanco says:

      They’re not even the best on Jimmy’s show. Tariq sits there humbly but he can out emcee either of them pound for pound.

  14. BlackOliveMusic1 says:

    Jimmy trying hard to understand lol Wayne, watch how every time lil wayne talks, he moves closer ???

  15. Elie G says:

    Kendrick Lamar, XXXTentacion, and Nicki Minaj all did amazing on the album as well as the other features! One of the best albums of the year 100%

    • 8a6y says:

      I gotta disagree, X on the hook was trash to me. His voice sounded bad.

    • Nigel Greer says:

      8a6y I can agree like 73% it sounded kinda off but you know, people will always love x things

    • Elie G says:

      8a6y that’s typical X’s style. That screamo emo type. I don’t like it ALL that much but I felt the X verse really nailed it when it came to expressing emotion. I do agree his voice sounded weird asf but it’s one of those songs you gotta listen to a few times to appreciate it

    • SMFTwist says:

      100% agree. I’m a huge X fan. He’s literally my life but the first time i heard Don’t Cry. I was like “yo wtf, did they even listen to this before releasing”. a few listens in and i get it now

    • Red AF says:

      X was ruined the god damn song fuck you talkin bout?

  16. CQ says:

    I forgot he never wrote any lyrics down… insane to think about after hearing the word play and metaphors in his music

  17. Melissa Tracy says:

    He’s worth millions and besides the jewelry he looks homeless 🙁 I love him though

  18. Dan says:

    don’t cryyy

  19. Kiley Eryn says:

    What a great trait to have just spitting out lyrics & songs one after the other because in that moment what he’s saying is what he’s feeling, he doesn’t need to – how do you say – prep his emotions in order to “write” a song. Damn. I’m glad he’s back, what a legend & he looks genuinely happy.

    • Kiley Eryn says:

      XOVO he technically did, if you actually watched the video.

    • Ankit Tyagi says:

      No one just spits lyrics out.Not writing does not mean he does not compose the track in his head.Jay Z also does not write lyrics on paper.Does not mean he simply spits those complex lyrics off the top of his head.

    • Kiley Eryn says:

      Ankit Tyagi looks like someone failed 5th grade music class. Do you even know what you’re talking about????? He literally said that he just keeps going bc he’s already thinking about something else – how is that not coming off the top of his head????

    • says:

      Kiley Eryn
      Go buy yourself something from our online store

    • Kenny says:

      The only reason he says he doesn’t write is probably because he doesn’t know how to.

  20. Riceman says:

    He’s gonna look like Whoopi Goldberg in 5 years….

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