Lil Yachty: “I’m carrying your conversation on your podcast”

Lil Yachty: “I’m carrying your conversation on your podcast”

Inside one of his homes, Bobbi talks to Lil Yachty, who is the same age as her. Over a plate of warm cookies, they uncover the mysteries of life: How old are their kids? How did Lil Yachty choose his name? How do you pronounce Lil? Who is Bobbi, really? This deep conversation however is rudely interrupted by one of Yachty and Bobbi’s mutual best friends.

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42 Responses

  1. Jeffery James says:

    It’s cool to see Bobbi smile through the interview.

  2. Clock Out says:

    she is so boring but she is exactly what we need. Everyone is so “entertaining” and over the top and heavily opinionated— this podcast is a perfect contrast to what we hear everyday. Mellow and calm in a hyper entertainment world

    • Hashashin says:

      You’re easy to manipulate. This is all of a facade and she’s doing a poor job at attempting dry British humor. This has been done many times before and it’s getting old

    • atlonglast says:

      ​@Hashashin “nooooo theyre stealing my british humour” seethe more

    • X says:

      idk, it’s still “over the top” but in the opposite direction, she’s still trying too hard and not being authentic so it’s just as annoying after a while and it gets old quick. i wish ppl could just be real and not feel the need to push some persona to feel unique

    • dreamergirlbaby says:

      It’s “boring” on purpose

  3. Sterling McIntosh says:

    How has she managed to not laugh this whole podcast😂

  4. Kananelo Seoke says:

    You can tell they are the same age because she breaks character so many times and i love it😂

    • Cristobal Balenciaga says:

      What does being the same age got to do with breaking character

    • Kananelo Seoke says:

      @Cristobal Balenciaga Its much easier to be in the same wavelength with someone of similar age. So the chemistry seemed more like friends naturally. Or am i wrong?

  5. DX_Ninja_DX says:

    Lil Yachty is hilarious, this podcast is really good, also Bobbi is really good at staying in character. Props to her 😂

  6. Von Hassen says:

    this episode went hard af, if bobbi can tone down the extreme racism then she will really run the podcast game

  7. Cynthia says:

    He did a great job keeping the conversation going.

  8. lksmlsnn says:

    Bobbi really does found a hole in this type of entertainment industry that we didn’t know of and she stayed authentic That’s what makes this show special

    • Cristobal Balenciaga says:

      There’s a british woman who does the same thing (humour wise) with British rappers.

  9. LOLNOBIMusic says:

    She broke character and laughed during the bathroom story 😂😂😂 This is my favorite interview

  10. Queens Native says:

    This is a really good podcast, for sure… you have to be a good person to sit through it. Bobbi literally tests peoples patience and their ability to be in the moment. It’s zenful… its giving Hinayana for sure. So much discipline is needed. 😂 Only the good survive!
    The “God bless her heart” from Drake got a chortle out of me.  
    You have to get Tyler The Creator Bobbi… I need to know he’s good!

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