Lille vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/21/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

Lille vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/21/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

With a hat-trick from Kylian Mbappé, a brace from Neymar, and a goal from Lionel Messi, PSG thrashed Lille 1-7 and took the lead in Ligue 1.

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45 Responses

  1. LakeShow Highlights says:

    that first pass by Messi was just tooooooo perfect

  2. WorkInProgress says:

    I know it’s not the UCL yet but so far I like the new coach and his system. Also the way Messi Neymar Mbappe played together proves the drama from the recent days was exaggerated by some media.

  3. ZzzzzzzzzZ says:

    Amazing playing by PSG. They beat the record of the fastest goal in Ligue 1 history by converting the same exact attempt that Real tried against them. Lille weren’t even playing bad, PSG were just on a different level 🔥🔥

    • Anti Degenerate Association -ADA-🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

      @Mauricio 😂😂

    • user sixnine says:

      @Santana93 French teams are like Tottenham. No trophies but they still get close. What you don’t realize is that 6 times france is runner up in UCL.. And 18 times in semis. With 8 different clubs in the semis…France is also much more competitive than Germany recently, with Lille managing to win the league over psg a few years ago. The thing is even though France can’t win a ucl, their performance in europe overall actually is much above the Netherlands and Portugal despite less ucl titles. When you’re determining the quality of a league or team you must look beyond champion. Sure, the thing that matters the most and in the end is winning the title, but being a runner up isn’t at all bad in the bigger picture. France still can perform in europe, they just can’t win it.

    • Luis Barrera says:

      @Santana93 ok? And the only team from spaina nd England to win are barca, madrid, liverpool, Chelsea so which means the other teams in that leaugue arnt competitive

    • Mauricio says:

      my nan, my grandad and my littler cousin who is a toddler could make up and attacking trio and still score 30 goals in this league. this league is absolute rubbish. hahahahahahhaha

    • Santana93 says:

      Congratulations to psg and bayern munich for winning their leagues already they will be champions.

  4. Walther Guillaume says:

    I can’t lie I really like this Neymar’s version what a player . 3 games, 5 goals 6 assists, are you kidding ?😍😍

  5. Iftekhar Aqib says:

    Even though Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe don’t have the best relationship, they acknowledge each other talents and link up very well. Neymar and Messi have the ability to scan the field and find the right passes and Mbappe has the ability to make insanely quick runs and convert difficult chances. It’s a perfect trio!

  6. Tucson Maui says:

    🙌 🇧🇷NEYMAR🇧🇷 🙌 This guy never ceases to amaze me with his skills!

  7. Jason Taylor says:

    people keep trying to spread the narrative that messi neymar and mbappe will not work because of their clashing personalities but i believe the tension only comes from the fact that they are all arguably top 5 players in the world. they are all hungry for success and that desire causes some tension between them. this performance shows that they can work together and build chemistry and if they can keep this up they surely can win the champions league.

  8. Diego Salva says:

    Can we just have an honorable mention to the defense? They’re playing a lot better and defending pretty well. Donnaruma is slowly getting to his Milan days where nobody would score on him or have very little goals against him. This year has gotta be his year.

    • Sayros says:

      The defense isn’t really better or worse, it’s the midfield that was giving them trouble last season, and the defense ended up having to contain 4-5 players running through the weak midfield we had last season. The midfield now is more solid, so it’s less pressure on the defense, and so they will make less mistakes.

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      But he will make a huge mistake in ucl playoffs

    • Leon the third says:

      not having to compete for #1 with navas probably helps

  9. Robe Pineda says:

    Ligue 1 looks way too easy for these guys can’t wait to see how they perform in UCL

  10. Brandon Tepan says:

    No way they did the kickoff glitch

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