Lilly Singh Fears for Her Life While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Lilly Singh Fears for Her Life While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Lilly Singh is a YouTube juggernaut with more than 14 million subscribers, as well as a writer, producer, actress, and New York Time’s best-selling author. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the Internet’s favorite Superwoman takes on Hot Ones challengeβ€”despite her obvious trepidation about diving into the Scoville deep end. As she battles the wings of death, Singh discusses her collaborations with Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Obama, her love of pro wrestling, and the importance of mental health for YouTubers. Lilly recently announced that she would be taking a break from the platform, but fortunately you can get your Superwoman fix on this week’s Hot Ones.



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53 Responses

  1. hampus nordstrΓΆm says:

    David Dobrik for hot ones!

  2. Chris Duke says:

    Contrary to other people’s opinion in the comment section, I really liked this interview. Lilly Singh is an OG youtuber. And after all this show is on youtube. Not every guest has to be an A-list celeb.

    • danehb89 says:

      The oldest video on her channel is December 2010, that’s nowhere near “OG”. Compared to someone like Natalie Tran, September 2006.

    • Param Jain says:

      People are not mad cause she’s not a “celeb”, Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning are also youtubers but they didn’t get this much hate when they were on here. The real problem here is that she is just an obnoxious SJW who tries way too much to be funny and entertaining when in reality she’s just too cringey.

    • Jam Dev says:

      “People” is stretching it, smelly incel weirdos with nothing better to do would be more accurate.

    • Upper Lip Earl says:

      +Jam Dev Come on personal insults are the only thing you can say to defend your point?

    • Supreme Leader says:

      She earns like A lister . Jence she is an A lister lol

  3. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    you guys literally have the best interviews ever. the amount of dedication to research comes through every freakin episode.

  4. Dave Guerra says:

    I have never followed Lilly Singh before, no particular reason , just never had the opportunity. She seems really cool. and I will be seeking out her work and content. Thanks Sean.

  5. Chris Jericho says:

    I love when I know the person. I am so glad for Lilly and all her success. I think one of her first videos was just making a harry potter cake for a family member or friend ( comment written before the episode started). They mentioned Natalie Portman, so I assume those are vegan wings?

    I love Lillys dad and I am waiting for a netflix show with just her family ( including when she does her brother) and Lilly wouldn’t even be a character. it would be like the Richard Pryor show with young Richard or Mr Rogers, where she would do an intro, but once we got to the characters, they would take it from there.

  6. Mystery Man says:

    Sorry if this sounds a little random, but Lilly has a really nice smile/set of teeth.

  7. Richard Millan says:

    Missed opportunity to have a “Superwoman meets her Kryptonite” type title smh

  8. Conblurgh says:

    I didn’t know who she was, but then she used the word “orchestrated” instead of “fake” when talking about her love of wrestling. Fantastic.

  9. Cinema Sis says:

    19:01 I make that same face when someone ask me if I want some ice cream πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  10. hhhxo8 says:

    – Every Hot Ones Episode-
    Sean: *asks question*
    Guest: “Wow that’s a really good question, no ones ever asked me that before”

  11. sweetfyfteen1 says:

    I want someone to look at me the way lilly looked at Sean when he asked do you want some ice cream. Lol. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Ingerstyle says:

    Get Matt Stonie on pleaseeee

  13. John Kontos says:

    Never have seen any of Lilly Singh’s videos. By the looks of this video though, I can clearly see why she has such a great following. She has a fantastic personality and is an entertaining interview. Going to check out some of her uploads after the video. I was questioning her as a guest when I first saw the upload because I didn’t know her name, but ultimately another great choice.
    Thanks for the great consistent content Hot Ones

  14. MindFreak76 says:

    The look on her face after Sean said: “Do you want some Ice Cream?” (19:00)
    Hysterical! Its like she was told that she was going to be invited to spend a weekend in Monte Carlo.
    Her eyes got so big, her jaw dropped a little bit; it was like she got the best news ever.
    And considering where she was and what she was doing…it was.

  15. Ben Rollman says:

    I know nothing about her, but I found her charming and fun.

  16. TOP LOW SPEC GAMES says:

    i see so many comments complaining about hate, but i did not see any hate comment so far……

    • Thea Bentzon says:

      I saw the first half of the episode a couple of hours ago (and now the rest) and I’m not exaggerating when I say that ALL that comments where people hating on her calling har a sexist and a racist. I didn’t understand why, nor did I wanna get into it, but I think that’s what people a commenting on. Hopefully the comments got deleted – she does not deserve that! She’s a talented and funny woman.
      Stupid trolls that’s all. Hopefully this explains it. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

    • MΓ‘rcia Silva says:

      I’ve came earlier and I’ve seen a lot of hate comments 😐

    • manda guerrero says:

      Stefan The Dude
      I found a lot lol mostly men though

    • sacv27 says:

      +Stefan The Dude check replies. Some really angry bitter dudes out there. Haven’t followed Lily in a while but she has always seemed super cool to me.

    • Daphne Rose says:

      +Sanjay Ea makes sense, she preaches how she has thick skin, yet deletes hate comments

  17. Sir Smokee Fortwence says:

    I see more comments ABOUT hate. I keep scrolling and don’t see any actual hate..

    • Shut the fuck Up says:

      Dislike ratio

    • β™‘venuz_babiβ™‘ says:

      +Nati Whatever Yes because hearing Fem just inspired such disgust in some people just get rid of it all together

    • Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk says:

      Welcome to the land of a female fan base

    • Nati Whatever says:

      +thalia persaud Pay gap is a myyyth and pink tax is debunked too. Come ooon. Please. Women overall take lesser paying jobs in lesser paying careers it’s not even a debate. And please get started on pink tax and gimme a good chuckle.

    • thalia persaud says:

      Nati Whatever pay gap and pink tax is a myth?? Lmao yeah bc I’m just gonna take your word for it. Educate yourself. And it’s not that women take lesser paying jobs, it’s that from birth women (and men) have it ingrained in them that all women are good for is serving a man (marriage, having babies, etc.) which is why they don’t pursue/aren’t given the tools to pursue higher education and therefore become less qualified resulting in them having to settle for lower paying jobs. I’m actually going to stop responding to you now bc I’m not going to try to converse with ignorance.

  18. Peppermint Beats says:


  19. Mike B says:

    I have no idea who she is but she is drop dead gorgeous

    • BrutesMcGee says:

      Don’t learn anything about her, just keep her as a beautiful, respectable woman in your eyes. If u wanna ruin that, watch some of her “comedy.”

  20. i u r i says:


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