Limited Life: Episode 1 – 24 HOURS TO LIVE

Limited Life: Episode 1 – 24 HOURS TO LIVE

Limited Life: Episode 1 Grian is back on minecraft with the new life series! Everyone has 24 hours to survive, if you die, you lose an hour. Last person standing is the winner!



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36 Responses

  1. Ruairí says:

    Mumbo about to take another break and win this easily

  2. Aaroneous says:

    Grian said that so seriously and with such conviction. “I’m a dad boys.” I’m so glad there’s a new life series. Grian just has the best content ideas.

  3. Maxikle says:

    Tim, Joel and Grian literally have so much toddler energy.

  4. sand says:

    A new Life series? That’s so rad, boys! I hope Grian wins – otherwise it’d be sad, boys. That burning mansion was a real nice pad, boys – must’ve been held together with only a brad, boys. First episode in and Grian’s already diamond-clad, boys! Am I overdoing this? Maybe just a tad, boys. When did Grian become Timmy’s dad, boys?! I thought a new ‘AHA’ was forbad, boys? Thank you for reading, but we’re being interrupted by an ad, boys! What?! No ad?! Well, we’ve been had, boys! I love rhyming, it makes me feel so glad, boys. But ya know who’s the best? Yep, the BAD BOYS

  5. Lily Blossom says:

    I’m consistently impressed by the creative ideas for the life series. Would’ve never thought of it being time-based myself. Also IT WAS ABOUT TIME WE GOT SOME JIMMY AND GRIAN ACTION IN THE LIFE SERIES HECK YEAH

    • theAstarrr says:

      Last Life: Hello I exist

      All 3 of them have been paired up in teams before lol. Joel and Grian(late last life as reds), Jimmy and Grian(early / mid last life), and Jimmy and Joel(third life – SoliBeansMajorLittleWood)

  6. Gingerspice547 says:

    Watching this after watching scars ep and hearing jimmy say “there’s no way anyone would burn down the mansion because then the entrie forest would burn” was comedy gold

  7. Tale says:

    Im amazed to see Grian having pals at the beginning of the season, considering the other 3 seasons he never… Had, boys.

  8. Lex says:

    Once again Grian came up with an amazing idea for a life series and once again this session is off to a chaotic start. I can’t wait to see next episode!

  9. Mr. Bucket says:

    At this point, Grian doesn’t need to keep asking if we want more. If he (or someone else) has an idea for a fun twist, the answer will always be yes

  10. Daios says:

    This moment is called happiness

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