Limited Life: Episode 2 – BREAD BRIDGE

Limited Life: Episode 2 – BREAD BRIDGE

Limited Life: Episode 2 Grian is back on minecraft with the new life series! Everyone has 24 hours to survive, if you die, you lose an hour. Last person standing is the winner! We made bad boys bread bridge. It’s as weird as it sounds.



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42 Responses

  1. Дарья Левченко says:

    Grian: *laughs at the idea of mining the desert*
    Also Grian: *spends whole session building bread bridge and plans to spend even more time on it*

  2. 50ShadesOfBS says:

    Ah yes, Grian’s POV of limited life, also known as “Baking Bad”

  3. Lektik says:

    I love how being “bad” genuinely means making questionable decisions.

  4. Salmon enjoyer says:

    Baking Bread was such a good show
    Watching heisengrain, Joel Beanman, and Jimmy – also known as saulidarity Goodman – team up to bake bread was the greatest thing I ever saw.

  5. Father and Son Games says:

    Grian last episode: “no monopolies”
    Grian this episode: “where’d you get all this wheat seeds”

  6. Thrarm says:

    with this series we can now see exactly how long each cut skips over

  7. Crow says:

    Glad to see Grian fully embracing Grain

  8. Dawn's Eclipse says:

    Life series idea: Shuffle life. Like last life, everyone starts out with a random number of lives, however this happens at the beginning of every session. You would take the remaining lives and shuffle them every episode. I think that would be really fun to see!

  9. abigail hedderly says:

    I love the new look of the Bad Boys, and the new puns. I hope we get some Bad Boy merchandise.

  10. Blake Verdon says:

    A Brief summary of this episode: The Bad Boy Bungalow Burns while Boasting a Bridge of Bread and Booms. Meanwhile, Bad Boys Break Barriers and Browse Bases.

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