Lindsey Stirling – Hold My Heart feat. ZZ Ward

Lindsey Stirling – Hold My Heart feat. ZZ Ward

Lindsey’s video for Hold My Heart brought to you by GEICO:

Her album BRAVE ENOUGH out worldwide!

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20 Responses

  1. Bravonanda Moirangthem says:

    when I close my eyes

    I can’t see

  2. Ethan Heitz says:

    France loves you Lindsey !

  3. Allen Liew (Allen Erhu) says:

    I’m here before this going viral?

  4. Nus Mus says:

    I love this! I am slightly confused though. Her makeup says deer but her
    costume says rabbit?

  5. Lexliam says:

    I love you Lindsey, you are my inspiration for my channel videos!

  6. theganon111 says:

    She is quite literally, the most adorable 30 year old I have ever seen.

  7. Cheshire Cat says:

    I see this as a crossover between Moulin Rouge and the male version of
    Alice in wonderland.

  8. leftymu says:

    This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen

  9. Lazor says:

    Nice work, But im not a big fan of the squats, Feels like a “trashy” pose
    compared to what you usually do.

  10. Kyle Rezzarday says:

    Hi guys! My name is Kyle Rezzarday and I’m the actor that played “Alex in
    Wonderland”! This music video was so much fun to make, with the greatest
    cast and crew, and I hope you enjoyed it!!!

  11. David Brown says:

    Why am I not that guy? I’m sure everyone else is thinking the same.

  12. milena says:

    lindsey is art

  13. Lauren Weise says:

    Now all I want in life is to see a complete gender bent version of “Alice
    in Wonderland.”

  14. Michelle Bolen says:

    this is NOT meant in a bad way but WOW…. this is one of her most
    sexualized videos I have seen from our pixie.

    Still amazing as ever and so hope one day I can take my daughter to see you
    in concert???

    Warmest regards and best wishes,

    Michelle B.

  15. Redchocobo says:

    please do lost girls next

  16. Cherry Wallis says:

    This was fantastic! I loved the song, and the production! :D

  17. Lew Avenue says:

    I wish Gavi could see how far she has come so far

  18. Apollys says:

    Whoever wrote this was probably on Acid

  19. Lily Toler says:

    I love the use of pizzicato in the song! ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  20. Mtn sweetie says:

    Looks like Alice and wonderland