Lindsey Stirling – Lost Girls

Lindsey Stirling – Lost Girls

#BraveEnough on iTunes now featuring “Lost Girls”! Album out worldwide!
Lindsey’s documentary Brave Enough comes out on YouTube Red on 5/17!

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20 Responses

  1. Alice Is Trash says:

    Ment to be studying but you uploaded…

  2. Ready Spaghetti says:

    The symbolism in this vid tho!
    So after the ballerina shatters herself, her next challenge is to face the world. While wandering around the woods, she met some woodland creatures. The creatures symbolize ppl who fake their freindship with you then they destroy you (like how they danced with lindsey then ripped her dress). Next she came across other people who are still trapped in the globe like her before. These symbolize the ppl who make you think that that way you lived before shattering ia the perfect and normal way to live. Finally she came across a maleficent (i think). The witch traps her back in the globe giving her flashbacks about her unhealthy lifestyle. These are the ppl who are mean-hearted and want you to go back to your old ways and suffer. The ballerina fights it and breaks out for the second time and decides to help other ppl shatter themselves.

  3. Gustavo says:

    It looks like Shatter Me has a sequel!

  4. Winter Grey says:

    I feel like the ballerina that Lindsey helps through the forest. I often find myself lost but I can always count on her to help me find my way.

  5. Dawson Bell says:

    1:53 Shatter Me, anyone?

  6. Emelie Ekbom says:

    This sounds like “hold my heart”

  7. Madison James says:

    If you are watching this before 500 K view then I want to tell you that you are the true fan of Lindsey Stirling!

  8. abi king says:

    i love you so much Lindsey, this video is so awesome like always, you are such an inspiration to me. I play the viola and cello, but now i am learning the violin so i can play your songs

  9. Kayla Uzlik says:

    This reminds me of a fanfic that my friend called the clockmaker and the pirate

  10. Shantyman Hans says:

    I like this thank you dear Lindsey friendly greetings to you..

  11. Evan Acosta says:

    Amazing video Lindsey really great

  12. Aruka Lowell says:

    Thats… unbelievable. Great.

  13. karla avila ruiz says:

    Esta hermoso <3 ame con toda mi alma el vídeo realmente te admiro mucho lindsey stirling

  14. Coco Lolo says:

    Beautiful. And that dress is sooo cute

  15. Joshua Alt says:

    I am so happy I joined YouTubeRed last month.

  16. Safflorite Johari says:

    Your dedication to you craft is astounding Lindsey!This is awesome! Cheers!!!

  17. Sora says:

    TBH, Im getting bored of your fiddle music and cringy music videos.

  18. Эдгар Эглис says:

    Elves don’t usually dance, but if they do – they want to steal your money

  19. AnaCecilia Lodge says:

    I remember her saying that this follows her music video of shatter me

  20. silverturtle0213 says:

    Beautiful! Great message with symbolism! We need more vids like this in the world 🙂

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