Lindsey Stirling – Love’s Just A Feeling feat. Rooty

Lindsey Stirling – Love’s Just A Feeling feat. Rooty

Love’s Just A Feeling feat Rooty from Lindsey’s album Brave Enough:

Song Produced by Zedd
Video Directed by Lindsey Stirling

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20 Responses

  1. Sootikins says:

    Must say I miss the days when everything Lindsey did was self directed and self produced. Now that “industry people” are involved, quality is sacrificed for marketability. I am happy for your rise to fame, Lindsey, but at the same time miss the “old” you.

  2. Ivan M says:

    Yes. New Lindsey Stirling video. Let’s play the game: guess what is the video about. 😀
    So first let’s see the dominant colors: green, teal and blue. They are presented in her clothing, the “shell” light and general lighting.

    Green is the color of balance and harmony. Also the color of upcoming spring, renewal and rebirth.
    Blue is the color of trust, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, wisdom.
    Teal is said to control and heal the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. In the process it can appear to be on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, until it balances itself. Also it’s said that it helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. And this is a song, after all. And is is mostly shown when she “travels”.

    3 colors. 3 lives she leads. The mystical “shell” she is entering, and the fact that surroundings of each life is very different it seems they are in different time periods. And that Shell is some sort of time traveling device. Not uncommon for her videos.

    So along with the lyrics, what the video is saying is that if she lead 3 different lives, in 3 different times, that she could found “true” love. Because on one side you have to let go, because “love’s just a feeling”.
    But on the other side, it has to be built on the meaning of those 3 colors. On balance, harmony, trust, honesty, loyalty, wisdom.

    Or something like that. What are your thoughts?
    I mean she didn’t lead 3 different lives. But in first one her husband dies, and she hires some mad scientist to send her into 2 other time periods and she finds love in each one.

    The shell may carry a message about leaving that shell and showing our true self more often to others. And that is the first prerequisite to find love no matter where you are. First you have to work on positive traits within you (trust, responsibility, honesty), and then you have to be brave and let others see more of your true self, and not the shell that you are presenting to the world where everyone is trying to fit in.

  3. Benjamin Young says:

    Fallout 4: Lindsey Stirling DLC? Does anyone else get that vibe?

  4. Σωτηρία Τσαπανίδου says:

    Does this song have anything to do with the fact that Lindseys dad passed away?

  5. Lexliam says:

    I love you Lindsey, you’re my inspiration for my musical videos!! *-* <3

  6. Starpyur's Comments says:

    I still wonder why people dislike such a beautiful song
    good work on the movie and song sounds amazing this is what i live for, what wakes me up in the morning thanks Lindsey Stirling.

  7. Cry Baby Lindsey says:

    this is beautiful like always thank u lindsey for everything u do for us stirlingites and i cant wait to see u tomorrow ?? we love u KSLL ????

  8. Gantoo says:

    there is 2+ “Lindsey Stirling” replies to this video, do NOT click any google links from the keywords.

    Click the channel name and go see for your self, no subs, nothing, its a spam bot / keylogger.

  9. Stevo Hoppa says:

    Lindsey, you’re an incredibly talented musician! But I really miss when your videos were primarily just you playing your violin in epic locations. I’m not a big fan of these newer style music videos. We hardly even see you play any more.

  10. Torilinn Cwanek says:


  11. FishNugget 501 says:

    YES! YES! YES! YES! I love it!

  12. Katya P. says:

    Okay DID ANYONE ELSE CRY NONSTOP THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE VIDEO? Because i couldn’t stop crying.

  13. Mesu Raion says:

    Too much singing, too little Your music 🙁

  14. Candy Dream12 says:

    magnifique ! génial !du génie !passe en France !???

  15. Fantastic Beck says:

    The message I get from this song is even if you lose that person you love the most, never be afraid to love again. Take chances and live for today or else you might regret it later. <3

  16. Rosanna Pansino says:

    Love this! ????

  17. Strider says:

    LOL anyone else notice the Dr at the start is her boyfriend Ryan?

  18. WeAreDragons says:

    A friend told me she wasn’t ready for a relationship because she needed time to work on her. I found her making out. I was in complete shock because I trusted her. I was standing there while she was making out; I then proceeded to say “Nice knowing ya Annie” and then walked away.

  19. Ancy Mike says:

    amazing wow

  20. 6AMvibes says:

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