Lindsey Stirling – Mirage

Lindsey Stirling – Mirage

Mirage feat. Raja Kumari from Lindsey’s album Brave Enough

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Lindsey’s upcoming Christmas album “Warmer in the Winter” coming out on 10/20!

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20 Responses

  1. mariel ivana says:

    That was not what I was expecting but I like it

  2. Max Profognack says:

    i love you and your sound

  3. Selina J says:

    Magical….. I honestly have no words
    And i love the indian touch!!

  4. Shy Girl says:

    Can I get a choreography video of this :0

  5. Snapo9 says:

    The best song and the best video from Brave Enough era… I’m gagging, slay legend, we have decided to stan forever!

  6. hightech V says:

    this reminds me of kshmr music so much πŸ˜€

  7. ahmed salim says:

    from Tanzania east africa am so impressed with the violin
    your good

  8. Cookie Monster says:

    When comes the music video for Gavis Song?

  9. 90sGiveMeGoosebumps says:

    Here for Lindsey and Raja Kumari! Please put (feat. Raja Kumari) In the title!

  10. Bushido Dragon says:

    I really hope you win DWTS I voted for you every week

  11. screwyour feelings says:

    Good job, always liked the violin, especially in the hands of a master.

  12. Jazzmin Sicher says:

    This was amazing, good luck on DWTS voting for you!

  13. Ewa Kunicka says:

    Really enjoyed it! I like the video

  14. Mellow Baton says:

    Savior v. Stirling: battle of the mirage

  15. Maximilian SchrΓΆder says:

    Nice new album in 9 days

  16. Nichola Golding says:

    This is so insane, love it!πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ’–

  17. Paladin585 says:

    Honestly, I really didn’t like it. The video cuts about too much, and the vocals really kill it for me. The great Indian vibe gets bogged down with what honestly sounds like lazy pop song bits. Just really disappointing when that amazing violin music gets bogged down like that.

  18. Randomness says:

    music for the soul

  19. Mikaila Hughmanic says:

    Everyone says you are bad violin player compared to other professionals. I have no idea why.

  20. failtolawl says:

    Oh look, another song that she can suck at playing live.

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